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10 Reasons that Make Good Sleep Essential

10 Reasons that Make Good Sleep Essential

How Can Good Sleep Improve Your Life?

The effects of good sleep on our overall health and happiness can be better acknowledged from the viewpoint of science. There are several scientifically proven health benefits of good sleep. 

Healthy people are advised to get between 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep each day. In this writing, we are going to discuss why good sleep is necessary and how disruption in sleep schedule can affect your health. 

The benefits of a good night’s sleep – Shai Marcu

1.Keeps the heart healthy

When sleeping, hormones are released into the body, which keeps one’s heart, organs and blood vessels in great health. Not getting sufficient 7 to 9 hours of sleep has been linked with worsening heart function and blood pressure. 

2.Regulates mood, improves social interaction

Change in one’s mood is the most apparent side-effect of adequate sleep. All of us have first-hand experience with increased frustration, irritability, and even symptoms of depression when we don’t get adequate sleep. 

3.Poor sleep is associated with higher body weight

Short sleep duration is one of the most significant risk factors for obesity. This effect is believed to be mediated by several factors such as hormones and motivation to exercise. Being tired due to lack of sleep also weakens one’s resolve to stick to a diet. 

4.Sleep helps regulate blood sugar

Adequate sleep helps in regulating one’s body metabolism. Lack of good sleep fluctuates glucose levels, which increases the risk of having diabetes. There is an increase in insulin levels – the hormone that regulates the body’s use of sugar. 

5.Enhances memory

Sleep is absolutely needed for the brain to be able to function at an optimal level. Memory consolidation occurs when one is asleep, and various types of memories are consolidated during the different sleep cycle stages. 

6.Reduces inflammation

Not getting adequate sleep increases inflammation, which increases the risk of developing diabetes, arthritis, and heart conditions. This increased inflammation is because of the surge in the body’s production of inflammatory cytokines and the reduction of inflammation-fighting proteins. 

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7.Sleep makes one more conscious

Your good sleep at night can make you feel alert and energized the following day. This helps one in focusing and getting things done. Alertness and energy also help one exercise, which is essential for one’s overall health. 

8.Clears waste from the brain

When one sleeps, the brain is flushed with fluids for removing waste products that get built up throughout the day. These substances are beta-amyloid which are known to cause Alzheimer’s. 

9.Boosts one’s immune system

Adequate sleep is needed for our immune system to fight off infections. Even partial sleep loss can reduce the immune response, lowering the blood levels of infection-fighting cells. 

10.It makes one live longer

Adequate sleep contributes to increasing one’s lifespan. Researches have shown that getting the right amount of sleep increases longevity. 

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