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10 Tips to Help You Fix Your Oily Hair?

10 Tips to Help You Fix Your Oily Hair?

For many women, having oily hair is a big problem. Other women they just learned to live with it even though sometimes they can’t avoid getting tired and upset about their hair… If you are tired of washing your hair many times a week, you cut your hair more often to make washing it much easier, you have tried all types of shampoos, then you are not the only one facing this daily drama! The struggle is real for many women, much more than you could imagine.

I personally never do my hair in the hair salon, as it’s just a waste of money. I firmly deny spending $50 to do my hair in a salon knowing that in a few hours only, or the following morning I will have to wash it again. Yes, I can’t even enjoy my “clean hair” for a whole day!

I have tried many types of shampoos, cheap shampoos and expensive professional shampoos, but none of them worked.

Watch skip2mylou‘s video sharing her secret tips of how to deal with oily hair.

What causes too much oily on the scalp?

First of all, let’s explain a bit what makes oily hair, oily. The explanation is in the functioning of the sebaceous glands, which are in the skin but also in the hair. In case of oily hair, these glands produce, secrete and deposit sebum in the capillaries. It is produced naturally, using neutral waxes and fats with greasy and oily properties.

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But not everything is bad. Sebum is necessary and essential in our body as it is responsible for preventing dryness and protecting the skin from external aggressions “people with oily skin they have fewer wrinkles than people with dry skin”. Sebum is a fantastic lubricant and hair protector and in the case of oily hair, these sebaceous glands are more active and can produce more oil than normal. Factors such as nutrition, age or sex also play a role.

The food you eat is responsible for some of the excess sebum in your scalp.

Yes, this is true! If you eat a lot of junk food, cheese, fatty and deep-fried food then you will see an increasing amount of sebum in your hair and your skin. In the case of the skin, you will get pimples, but your scalp will produce much more sebum making your hair look much more greasy than normal. For this reason, eating fruit and veggies, reducing the consumption of red meats, junk food and fatty food will help you see a great change in your hair.

Watch Silke Dewulf‘s video sharing her tips about keeping her hair clean for up to one week.

Few tips to follow to reduce sebum in your scalp.

  • Use lukewarm water: It opens the cuticle and allows oil and product residue to be removed. Hot water opens the cuticle excessively and damages the hair and cold water does not clean in depth.
  • Do not touch your hair constantly: The more your touch your hair the more oily will get.
  • Take care of your eating habits: Especially if you abuse saturated fats like cheeses, butter, vegetable oils like sunflower, cold cuts or sauces like mayonnaise.
  • Avoid using hair sprays: Inevitably, they make the hair fibre even dirtier.
  • Avoid sulfates: Sulfates are detergents that aggressively clean the hair, taking away the natural oils it needs and forcing the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum.
  • Do not rub your scalp excessively: It is recommended to do a gentle wash accompanied by circular movements for at least one minute. In this way, you will activate circulation and the sebum deposits will be removed and eliminated.
  • Use a scrub: These are the latest discovery for oily hair. Hair scrubs are the ideal cleansing treatment to remove product buildup, they replace traditional shampoo and cleanses the scalp and hair from pollution particles and sebum.
  • Hair conditioners and masks: Never use on your scalp.
  • Lemon juice: Add the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon to your shampoo. This will help reduce sebum production.
  • Use dry shampoo: The use of dry shampoos will help you keep your hair “cleaner” for one more day.
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