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3 Hairstyles that You Can Easily Learn

3 Hairstyles that You Can Easily Learn

How many times did you think that was going to be so easy for you to recreate the hairstyle your hairdresser created?

Tips to keep in mind before considering styling your hair by yourself.

  • Use the correct shampoo according to your hair. If your hair tends to be oily and gets dirty very easily for example, then use a shampoo that contains some type of clay. This is responsible for regulating excess sebum and will prevent it from getting dirty and losing volume easily.
  • If your hair gets frizzy, then you need to find a shampoo for this hair condition in order to make it easier for you and to control the frizz every time you want to do your hair by yourself.
  • Don’t forget to use hair conditioners to make it easier for you to brush.
  • Before getting out of the shower, head down, soak your hair with a stream of cold water, this helps to avoid your hair from behaving rebelliously, as well as adding some extra brightness to it.
  • To dry, wrap your hair in a towel like a turban. This way, it will not dry down and you will prevent it from being straight.
  • If you want extra volume, apply a little lather to the hair that is still damp, always from the bottom up. To avoid residue, comb with a wide-toothed comb before drying.
  • With the head down, begin to dry from the nape of the neck up. Help yourself with your fingers and not with brushes or combs.
  • If your hair is curly then don’t wash it too much. Unlike straight hair, curly hair is usually quite dry, so if you wash it daily, you will increase dryness and promote knots and hair loss.
  • Apply a nourishing mask twice a week if your hair is curly or dry.
  • Before you get out of the shower, untangle it with a wide-toothed comb. Don’t pull too much or you will break the fibre. If necessary, do this before removing the mask or conditioner. You will see that it is much easier.

Learn with video tutorials

Cheerleader Ponytail with volume

The first hairstyle is easy to learn and can be worn in any occasion such as a date or even for a night out. The cheerleader-style ponytail is a very high and with volume in the front ponytail style. You just need some hairspray, an eraser and a comb to comb out some strands.

Blaire Wilson – Lifestyle Youtuber shows you how to create a Cheerleader Ponytail Style.

Easy Braids for Short Hair

Short hair can sometimes be very easy to take care of and hairstyle, however, sometimes is not that easy. On the next video you are going to learn 10 quick and easy ways to braid your short hair.

Milabu – Youtuber and Beauty Addict that will show you how to easily braid your shot hair.

Easy Hair Buns

Hair bun are the most favourite hairstyles for many girls. You can look casual or elegant depends on how you make it look. On this video Alex Gaboury is going to show you 3 ways to learn different hair buns.

Alex Gaboury – Youtuber and hair tutorials expert.

It might not be very easy for you to learn these steps quickly, just make sure you don’t get frustrated.

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At least, after so much trying, you will have learned some trends and tricks.

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