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3 Reasons to Always Remove Your Makeup Before You Sleep

3 Reasons to Always Remove Your Makeup Before You Sleep

At night, the skin regenerates and renews itself with more intensity, restores its vitality, combats the appearance of wrinkles and becomes more receptive to treatments.

You have probably heard many times that you should never sleep with your makeup on. Well, that is true! Makeup is not good for the skin to be honest, but who doesn’t love makeup? You can enjoy wearing as much makeup as you wish, as long as you use good brands that combine treatments and care. It is also recommended to always follow a pre and post makeup skincare routine to prepare your skin and protect it from getting exposed to all the chemicals.

On this article, you are going to find out three of the most important reasons why you should never sleep with you makeup on, no matter how tired or lazy you might be.

  • Clogged pores: Sleeping with makeup clogs your pores. Your skin uses the time you sleep during the night to replenish and nourish itself. Meaning, if you sleep with makeup on, you will not be letting the pores breathe. The consequences of clogged pores are blackheads and acne, so you should make sure to clean your face well and remove makeup residues before going to sleep.
  • Facial bacterial: The importance of cleaning and washing your face before sleeping is not only about removing the makeup, but also the bacteria that your face accumulates during the day.
  • Premature ageing: The premature ageing of facial skin can be prevented but not reversed. If you want to have a healthier and younger face, it is very important that you remove your makeup every single night. Leaving your makeup on for many hours prevents the cells that give life to the skin from regenerating.

It is not always easy to follow all the steps that needed for a good skincare. Specially at night or after a stressful day at work or a long weekend. It is important to be aware of all the things that can easily be avoided in order to be able to enjoy wearing your makeup, and taking care of your skin at the same time.

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