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4 Interesting Reasons Why Your Skincare May Stop Working

4 Interesting Reasons Why Your Skincare May Stop Working

4 Interesting Reasons Why Your Skincare May Stop Working

Skincare is a vital part of anyone’s daily routine. It may be frustrating if a skincare product is not working for you because maybe you are using a skin product that is a best-seller or a top-search result suggestion. But works best for hundreds may not work best for you. When this happens, it is important to find the root cause of the problem so you would know how to solve it. 

Reasons Why Skincare Products Stop Working:

  1. Your skin can become used to the product:

There is a possibility that your skin has adjusted to the skincare product and it may not show any results thereafter. This highlights the importance of changing products routinely and adjusting the order-of-use of the products which can lengthen the time period of the positive benefits can a product can give you.

  1. Your product has expired:

Just as food products have an expiration date, your skincare products can also expire and stop showing results thereafter. It is important to check the expiry labels on the products. 

  1. You are not paying attention to the weather changes:

You skin adapts to the weather changes such that it gets red and irritated in winters and oily in summers. So it is best to switch products according to the weather just as you renew your wardrobe for a new season.

  1. You are not storing the products properly:

It is essential to store your skincare products at an optimal temperature otherwise they lose their effectiveness. Active ingredients in the skin products may break down when they are exposed to direct sunlight. It is best to keep your vitamin C serums in a cool place, preferably in refrigerators so that they last long.

Tips to Follow When Your Products Stop Working:

  1. Discuss with your dermatologist:

Book an appointment with your dermatologist to discuss with him/her about your current skin condition and need. Since there are different schools of thought regarding switching of skincare products so it is best to get a professional opinion before making any decision. 

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  1. Opt skincare products according to your skin type:

There may be a chance that you may not be using products according to your skin type. This causes problems because a person having oily skin cannot adjust to products formulated for dry or combination skin which can cause his/her skin to become excessively oily resulting in acne.

  • Choose a thicker moisturizer if you have a dry skin type
  • Choose a double cleanser with you have combination skin to keep the different areas of the skin less irritated
  • Use a humidifier if you have a dry skin
  • Opt for a gel-based cleanser with you have an oily skin to keep the bacteria out of the pores and reduce appearance of acne


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Dermatologist Dr Dray on why your skin care stops working and what to do when skin care products stop working.
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