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5 Causes of Premature Ageing

5 Causes of Premature Ageing

The Top Five High-Risk Factors.

Ageing is a natural process. But sometimes, the process of ageing can set in early, which is called premature ageing. Sunspots on the face, arms or hands, are a common sign of premature ageing. Other symptoms include painful joints, dry skin, a thicker waistline, reduced handgrip, and reduced memory.

You may not be able to rewind your ageing process. But you can take precautions to prevent the early onset of ageing. Some significant reasons put some people more at risk of premature ageing than others.

Sun Exposure

A few minutes of exposure to the sun is essential to maintain your vitamin D levels. But over-exposure can cause the sun’s UV light to damage the DNA within your skin cells. This damage leads to wrinkle formation.

The practice of tanning either under direct sunlight or using tanning beds or other tanning equipment can also accelerate early ageing. A better alternative would be to use self-tanners.

Exposure to Polluted Environments

The skin acts as a barrier, preventing toxic elements from entering the body. If your skin already bears wrinkles or pigment spots, then these symptoms can be aggravated by pollution. In addition, direct skin contact with air pollutants makes it dull, dry, lifeless, and old.

An Unhealthy Lifestyle

Good diet, exercise and quality sleep are vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

If you are of the habit of including sugar and processed foods in your daily diet, then the risk of skin damage is high.

Lack of good sleep. Quality sleep is essential for cell rejuvenation. A study states people that who suffer from poor sleep quality regularly are more at risk of early ageing. The study also shows that poor sleep quality reduces skin’s barrier function. People with chronic insufficient sleep quality also tend to be less satisfied with their looks.

Lack of exercise. Studies indicate that even moderate exercise can strengthen your immune and circulatory system. Exercise at least five days a week for better health.

Another lifestyle factor that can accelerate ageing is your facial expression. Whether you frown more or smile, the corresponding muscles contract repeatedly. This repetitive action, over time, leads to permanent lines.

Stress is another lifestyle factor that can accelerate ageing. Chronic stress not only impacts sleep but also produces inflammation in the body. Both these conditions accelerate ageing.

Smoking & Excessive Alcohol Intake

Smoking affects collagen, the most abundant body protein responsible for skin’s elasticity and cell structure. As a result, regular or heavy smoking causes wrinkles and dulls the skin over time.

Alcohol tends to dehydrate skin, which has a damaging effect on the organ. Skin damage can give you an older appearance.

Not Following a Healthy Skincare Routine

Irritated skin tends to look older. It is also vulnerable to ageing. Follow a healthy skincare routine:

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·       Apply moisturizer daily

·       Use a sunscreen that is SPF 30 or above, water-resistant and broad-spectrum

·       Clean skin gently to remove makeup or pollutants

·       Wash face twice every day

·       Avoid skincare products that burn or sting

How to Prevent Premature Skin ageing

In Conclusion

The causes of early ageing are all preventable. You can delay premature ageing with a healthy lifestyle. Even if you notice signs of premature ageing, it is never too late to adopt healthy habits. They can prevent your ageing signs from worsening.

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