5 Mistakes You Make When Applying your skincare.

If you want to take care of your skin, keep in mind that you should never buy cheap cosmetics. Also, keep in mind that choosing the formulation according to your skin’s needs at each moment of the year is very important too. We also know that hydrating creams should be applied to clean skin with a gentle massage to optimize the active ingredients’ penetration. However, many women out there make a few mistakes that make their expensive moisturizers not work as well as they would love.

5 Mistakes to avoid making while applying your skincare

  • Not allowing time for the serum to be absorbed: Serum is usually an aqueous solution with light ingredients. Smaller molecules penetrate the epidermis’s deepest layers (glycolic acid, low-density hyaluronic acid, etc.). Creams are more or less oily emulsions that allow the incorporation of actives of greater molecular size, such as peptides or ceramides. Its function, among others, is to ‘seal’ moisture by creating a barrier effect that favours absorption, prevents the loss of epidermal water and restores the hydro-lipid mantle’s lipids. If we apply serum and hydrating cream simultaneously or almost simultaneously, we create a concoction with many possibilities that the large ones block the passage to the lighter ones.
  • Applying your cream on dry skin: Did you know that slightly damp skin generates a physical tension favouring the absorption of hydration products? This humidity should not be water without more since it alters the pH of the horny layer. The outcome indicated to create that veil of moisture is the tonic. Or the increasingly used lotions that make a bridge between the cleaning phase and the treatment phase. «For best results, will apply your moisturiser shortly after the complete cleansing process, including toner and lotion, and before the skin is dehydrated in case if you are not using a serum.
  • Confusing the ingredients: When we talk about moisturising ingredients, we put the words moisturising, emollient, moisturising and occlusive in the same category. Although similar, they are not the same. So make sure you find the right one for your skin and your needs.
  • Not hydrating your oily skin: Many women deprive their oily skin of hydration because there is a widespread myth that cream will only cause more sebum when the opposite is true. Oily skin must be hydrated to avoid an overproduction of sebum generated to cover the hydration lack. The trick is knowing how to choose a cream that hydrates the oily skin and control the oil production on your skin.
  • Not taking care of your neck: Many women never take care of their necks. Hydrating your face but not your neck is a big mistake. You can actually use the same moisturizer applied to your face, and remember to never forget about your neck. Like the skin on the face, the neck’s skin loses elasticity, firmness and hydration over the years too.
Emma Born
Emma Born

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