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5 of The Best Nail Polish Brands

5 of The Best Nail Polish Brands

Editors Reviews – Best Nail Polish Brands

Beauty brands and cosmetic products are souring skies when it comes to providing a luxurious collection for affluent women, and indeed they exceed all expectations. But, unfortunately, this makes it quite confusing to choose from and figure out the right match for yourself. 

Nail paints being an absolute essential to pull off some funky style, a subtle royalty, a distinct aura or just a presentable look for the day. However, choosing the right formula is what we are to help you with. 

The basis for selecting a reliable nail paint? 

  • Long-lasting effect 
  • Colour Suitability 
  • Thickness/ hardening formula 
  • Coverage 


Colorbar U.S.A. is a beginner nail paint brand for women looking to explore vibrant colours and match their everyday outfits with a trendy and stylish shade. It has an endless range of colour options and designs that include different textures, feel, looks and finishes. You can always find your go-to colour from the humongous colour range with everything from soft shades to vibrant neon shades.

This is a full-proof recommendation given its easy accessibility, wide colour range, excellent quality and reasonable quantity. These nail polishes are like essentials to keep your stash up to date and ready to go.


A trustable, high-end, classic brand, Revlon is an exuberant cosmetic store for making and accessories. Their tried and tested products always have a green signal when you are looking for a reliable product. These nail paints have a quick-dry formula that makes them the right fit for working women, especially those who are always on the run. This brand recommendation inclines towards this its good quality, subtle but wide colour range, rich and wholesome finishing, and shorter drying time.

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Faces can also be a great option when it comes to funky yet chic and classy nail enamels. Their nail lacquers mostly come in two variants in size, and their product range gives you a wide variety to choose from. It should be your first pick if you are a nail art lover and have a thing for nail art stickies, artificial nail extension, etc. This brand is a good recommendation because of its superb quality, impressive colour range, and variable options in quantity.


This is a nail polish brand that has been quite an in fashion among women. It’s a luxurious nail lacquer that has everything to give you a posh and sleek feel and look. The enamel has a quick-dry formula and which giveS your nails a very outgoing and professional vibe. OPI offer multiple shade options. However, given its premium grade quality and market reach, it sometimes becomes difficult to find and buy. Although, if that is not an issue for you, it undoubtedly makes it to the top of our recommendation.


NYX nail enamel has been the cosmetic crush of most women as it has established an exhilarating brand value in the market with its rich and good quality product range. They have a variety of textures and finishes in their collection and trendy combinations of colours. So again, if your hands with a seller of this brand, its experience and effect will never be an issue. Otherwise, they are a wonderful choice and totally recommended.

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