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Tips to Choosing The Perfect Lipstick Shade.

Tips to Choosing The Perfect Lipstick Shade.

Finding the perfect lipstick is not an easy task. There is currently a wide variety of types of colours, textures, applications, and brands to get lost among so many options.
Choosing a flattering lipstick shade is possibly the most complicated since not all colours look good on all faces depending on the skin tone.

If you are always used to wear the same colour, finding the right one will be even more difficult. The task is not choosing a nice lipstick shade but one that suits you well.
When choosing a new lipstick, most of us tend to opt for the colours that we like the most, those that are fashionable or the ones worn by our favourite celebrity. If that is your case, you may be making a big mistake. Choose the one that best suits your skin, and you will look gorgeous!

Watch Justine Leconte’s video explaining the steps to follow when choosing a lipstick colour.

5 tips for choosing your perfect lipstick:

  • Red: If you don’t dare to risk, choose good red. A good shade of red looks good on any skin tone.
  • Keep in mind your skin colour: If you have a tan skin tone, lipsticks in both dark and light colours will favour you. The ones that will suit you best will be striking or neutral colours (pink, fuchsia, coral, burgundy, terracotta, earth colours). Avoid dark pastel shades, browns, mauves or purples, as your skin will look very dull.
  • Your hair colour: Not only your skin colour influences your perfect lipstick, but remember that your hair colour is also important to find the perfect combination easily. Generally, brunettes are the ones who can play with a wider range of tones and colours since this hair colour contrasts very well with almost all lipsticks.
  • The season of the year: Your mood, your clothes, etc… it changes with every season why shouldn’t your lipstick change? In summer, you can take a risk with brighter and more vibrant tones.
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