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5 Tips to Lightening Your Dark Hair

5 Tips to Lightening Your Dark Hair

How to Lighten Dark Hair.

Sleek black hair looks gorgeous and striking. However, it can be tough to lighten it when you wish to change your look. So, how are you planning to lighten your dark hair? Lightening your hair is not a one-time process. You can, however, lighten your black hair by embracing the right techniques.

Tip 1- Do not be in a hurry to start the hair dying process

If you plan to lighten your black hair, it is extremely crucial to not be in haste so that the integrity of your hair can be maintained. You can also avoid causing damage such as split-ends and hair breakage. The outcome may take some dye sessions, so do not try to achieve a super-light colour in one go. Instead, dye your hair a couple of shades simultaneously.

You should wait for some weeks in between your hair-lightening sessions. It is imperative to note that you will have to bleach your hair to get a lighter hair hue. The darker the starting shade, the more time it will take to accomplish the desired hair colour.

Tip 2: You can opt for a home hair colour kit 

Do you wish to skip visiting your salon and lighten your black hair at home? You may contemplate using a colour kit that can be used at home. Are you in a dilemma about what colour to choose or wish to see what colour would appear on you even before dying? There are many virtual try-on tools available where a photo of yours can be uploaded to know how different colours suit you.

Tip 3: Hide your grey hair roots temporarily

It may so happen that you have got your black hair lightened. However, you have observed grey roots coming out. You may apply a spray for covering up those grey roots to hide them temporarily. The fix can be used until there is sufficient time in your hands to touch up the hair colour thoroughly. Many brands have come up with quick-dry, lightweight spays available on the market in different shades and come out while shampooing. You need to hold such a spray around 4 to 6 inches away from your head. Then, you can directly spray onto new grey growth so that the grey roots can be concealed for the time being.

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Tip 4: Go for highlights

Are you hesitating about making a drastic change in your appearance in general and hair in particular? It is an excellent idea then to opt for highlights to alter your hair colour.

Tip 5: You need to start caring for your coloured hair 

Once you have lightened the black hair, you need to make important alterations in your hair care routine. Special care is required for your coloured hair, such as the use of a conditioner, hair mask, and a good shampoo. 

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