Dalia Bassam

Dalia is an experienced makeup artist and a skincare expert that owned different high-end beauty centres in some of Europe's sought-after countries, such as Switzerland, Spain, and France. One of Dalia's goals is to share her knowledge with her audience to help them get all the information they need while getting inspired.

Dr David Reilly

DR. David Reilly is an enthusiastic and experienced Life Sciences & Skincare scientist, with a long accomplished career of successful delivery in Personal Care and Nutritional Health categories. Head of R&D at Minerva Research Labs - London

Julia Laurent

Julia is a professional hairstylist that worked in different hair salons in the U.K and Australia. Julia has worked with some of the greatest hair care brands and attended many Hairstyling fairs in Europe and North America. Julia is here to share her tips and knowledge with you, to help you get that "dream hair" you want.

Laura Scott

Dr. Scott is a doctor from Harvard Med School and a dermatology resident at the University of Miami. Laura is known for her authentic advice. Her goal is to find beauty in all things and to enjoy every moment of life...

Dr. Martin Godfrey

Dr Martin Godfrey has over 25 years of experience working in the health sector. His key areas of expertise lie in the areas of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical research. Dr Martin is Head, Research and Development at MINERVA Research Labs Ltd.

Nouha Elamiri

Nouha is a passionate journalist and a beauty lover with valuable knowledge in the health and wellness industry. Nouha worked closely with nurses and doctors treating patients with diabetes, sleeping disorder and anxiety. Nouha is currently studying to become a nurse at the University of Glasgow, Scotland.

Samira Laaqissi

Samira is a Middle-Eastern beauty expert passionate about skincare and makeup. Samira lived in different Arabic countries and worked in some of the most prestigious beauty centres in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha. That is how Samira acquired most of her knowledge about beauty and the Arabic skincare rituals.

Sandra Jones

Sandra is a wedding makeup artist who helped more than 439 brides enhance their beauty on their wedding day. Sandra takes pride in sharing all her makeup tricks and "how-to" to help all the makeup addicts out there be conformable with applying and wearing makeup.

Sara Monet

Sara is a pro-makeup artist who's been working with some of the biggest cosmetic brands. While makeup is Sara's passion, she also enjoys travelling the world to enrich her beauty career.

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