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Aging Hair – How to Reverse Your Hair from Aging?

Aging Hair – How to Reverse Your Hair from Aging?

The skin is not the only thing that shows the course of time. Over the years, the nature of the hair also transforms. The hair loses density, thickness and volume. The hair becomes thinner and grows less, not to mention the grey that appears… In the same way as wrinkles, no one is spared from aging hair: both men and women, everyone is prone to hair aging.

We are used to hearing about skin aging, but much less about hair aging. However, although we have assimilated the fact that the skin of the face is marked over the years, why should it be any different for the scalp and hair? There are several signs that should alert us.

Yes! In both men and women, the signs of hair aging are the same

Hair that turns grey and bleaches becomes thinner loses its shine … What are the solutions to prevent and care for aging hair, both in women and in the man?

  • At the very least, integrate a specific antioxidant anti-aging shampoo into your hair care routine.
  •  Using a pH-balanced moisturizing shampoo and conditioner is essential to restore the lost oils and retain elasticity.
  • Also, a densifying styling product instantly creates the illusion of thicker, fuller hair and is ideal for those who lack volume in their hair.
  • Reduce excessive heat styling tools.
  • Play the long-term strategy, starting a cure of food supplements that will improve the quality of the hair, give it volume and thickness and stimulate its growth speed. With patience and rigour, these cures should be taken for at least a few months.
  • At the same time, good hygiene of life and, above all, a healthy and balanced diet allows us to provide the dose of essential nutrients for the beauty of the hair.

External factors that make hair brittle

A phenomenon that the environment and our ways of life do not help at all: pollution, tobacco, the excessive use of the hair straightener and the dryer, the chlorine of the aqua gym course (hence the interest of using a swimming cap), colouring, highlights or repeated sweeps, hair products that are not always well adapted and hormonal variations … Factors that, one after the other, make the hair fragile. Hence the difficulty of combing them and the decision of many women: to cut them.

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