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All You Need to Know about Beauty Sleep

All You Need to Know about Beauty Sleep

What is Beauty Sleep? 

The phenomenon of beauty sleep has caught the imagination of every lady! This is understandably so. After all, it aids in healing the body and skin perfectly. Remember, when you are in a deep sleep, your body goes into a well-timed recovery mode. This is the time when the production of growth hormones takes place in your body. They, in turn, go a long way in creating new cells, which in turn do the perfect healing of your damaged skin.

Get aware of the time of beauty sleep

Getting sufficient hours of shuteye at the correct time of beauty sleep will do the trick for you. However, make sure you do get around 7-9 hours of quality sleep. You must get this amount of sleep every night.

Remember – when this sleep period is anything less than 6 hours, it is bound to cause adverse effects on your appearance. So for an attractive look, you must have beauty sleep time fulfilled.

Yes, beauty sleep is not any figment of imagination

Yes, beauty sleep is real! It goes to show how your body and skin start healing in the first place. The moment your body enters into a deep sleep, you are most likely to give your body a chance to come in recovery mode. With this, the production of hormones goes on uninterrupted.

The rule of the game is pretty simple – when you drift off, the skin gets the best opportunity to improve. This explains why you wake up each morning looking rosy and fresh.

Know the benefits of beauty sleep

Well, beauty sleep has its own merits, which are why people opt for it. However, among all benefits of beauty sleep, the following deserve a special mention:

  • You can experience fuller and healthier hair.
  • Presence of wrinkles is second to none.
  • Get a healthier and happier appearance.
  • Derive the glowing complexion you have been yearning for.
  • You end up having a brighter and less puffy eye.

Fortunately, there are ways to have a good beauty sleep

There are simple and easy ways by which you can attain your perfect beauty sleep. This will include:

  • Make sure to wash your face right before turning in.
  • Have proper sleep the entire night.
  • Elevating your head is desirable.
  • Make efforts to make use of a special pillowcase or simply sleep on the back.
  • Staying away from the sun as much as possible while you snooze is recommended.
  • Keep a glass of water near your bedside table and apply an overnight moisturizer.

Extra sleep contributes towards your younger look

There is a simple technique of getting your glowing skin! Snooze whenever time permits. The more you sleep, the better. There is a substantial reason behind this. When you sleep, the production of collagen takes place. It is beneficial in fighting against wrinkles. Apart from this, a healthy sleeping discipline keeps the immune system in appropriate shape. This, in turn, will go a long way to fight any skin irritation or rash.

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Oh yes, you will look more attractive as well

Have your share of a goodnight sleep religiously. It makes you happier, healthier, and beautiful!

Sleep at night to get better outcomes

If you are thinking, does skin repair at night or best time to sleep for skin repair, it is undoubtedly night. This is when the skin switches from ‘protect’ mode to the ‘repair’ mode. 

Oh yes, you will look more attractive as well

Have your share of a good night’s sleep religiously. It makes you happier, healthier, and beautiful!

The truth about beauty sleep and glowing skin by Dr. Liv

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