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All You Need To Know About Cleansing Balms And How To Use Them?

All You Need To Know About Cleansing Balms And How To Use Them?

all you need to know about cleansing balms

Soap-based cleansers are no longer the only option for people who want a little more from their skincare products. Among other options, cleansing balms stand out for their gentleness and nourishing properties.

If you have never used a cleansing balm before, making it work can be fun. Unlike soap-based cleansers, balms do not lather. Those addicted to the feel of the foam might not enjoy the texture of cleansing balms initially. However, balms are better than soaps, scrubs, and masks for a range of reasons.

Unlike other cleansers, balms do not dehydrate the skin. On the contrary, balms actually nourish and moisturize the skin. Balms use an oil-based formulation to clean dirt and grime. While it may appear counterintuitive, cleansing balms are also great for people with oily skin. That is because oil breaks down oil and pulls dirt very effectively.

Now that you know what cleansing balms are, let’s see how you can use them.

How To Use Cleansing Balms Properly

First, you need to ensure that your hands are clean and dry. Then take a scoop of the cleansing balm and rub your fingers to heat it up. Once it is heated properly, the balm will start to melt slowly.

Once the balm has a liquidy texture, rub it on your face in slow and deep circular motions. Start from your cheeks and work up to the cheekbone, forehead, and then down to the neck and chin. Stop only after you have covered your entire face and neck.

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Once you are done with the application part, take a wet towel or flannel and immerse it in warm water. Take the heated towel and wring it dry. Hold it near your face and let the steam absorb into your face. Then wipe your face meticulously with a warm towel or flannel.

If your skin is acne-prone, follow up with a soap-based cleanser to remove every trace of the balm. Once you are done, continue with your toning or moisturizing routine as usual. If you get the hook of cleansing balms, you will never go back to other cleansers.

How to Use a Cleansing Balm by Elle Leary Artistry

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