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All You Need To Know About Skin Essence

All You Need To Know About Skin Essence

All you need to know about skin essence

If you haven’t heard of skin essence yet, chances are you have not been keeping up with the latest developments in the beauty industry. Like many cosmetic and skincare innovations, skin essence is also a product of Asia. However, there is no single definition of skin essence. Depending on the brand, skin essences can be facial mists, light serums, or face toner.

Why Use A Skin Essence

If you are already using facial mists or serums, you might be wondering about the veracity of a skin essence. However, skin essences are lighter than other face care products, be it a serum or a toner. That means essences penetrate deeper in the skin with relative ease. Essences also work as a primer for moisturizers.

Essences are perfect for achieving that dewy look we see so often on Instagram. It’s a light formulation that goes deep into the skin while providing a surface glow. In many ways, a skin essence brings together the benefits of different skincare products. If you are already following a cleanse, tone, moisturize routine, you can benefit greatly from the use of a skin essence.

How to Use A Skin Essence

Using a skin essence is not much different from using a toner or facial mist. You would not want to use a soaked cotton ball since much of the formulation stays in the cotton itself. Instead, spray two or three pumps directly on your face or your palms. Use your hands and fingertips to gently massage it on to the skin.

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Does It Work For Everyone?

Unless you have a specific allergy, skin essences should work for you. They are great for people with oily or dry skins. Since people with oily skins cannot typically use heavy moisturizers, a skin essence can provide the same benefits without weighing the skin down. It is also extremely hydrating, making it a perfect match for people with dry skin.

No matter what your skincare regime looks like, there is surely space in it for a skin essence. Once you start using it and seeing the benefits, there is no going back.

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