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Appling Blush According to Your Face Shape

Appling Blush According to Your Face Shape

How to Apply Blush for Your Face Shape?

Every woman thinks that applying blush is a quite simple task, but in reality, it is not! Why? Because there are different techniques of applying blush for different face shapes. Yes, you heard that right. Face shape matters when you are applying blush. This is because blush gives a tonal effect to your skin after makeup, making it more impressive and impactful.

However, many women are not aware of how they must apply blush so that it suits their face shape and at the same time gives them a balanced look.

Are you among one of those? Worry not!

Today, in this blog, we will be guiding you about different techniques which work for applying blush for different face shapes.

Let’s get started!

• Technique to apply Blush for Square-shaped face

If you are looking for techniques to apply blush on a square-shaped face, you need to remember one thing. Make sure you are starting to apply the blush from the apple of your cheeks. Why? This will ensure that your angular face shape gets soften down and, at the same time, blend out that wider look on your face. The best technique to follow for applying here is to blend the blush in the outward motion.

• Technique to apply blush for a round-shaped face

Products that you buy matters a lot when it comes to getting that perfect look after applying blush. It not just enhances your appearance but adds beauty to your makeover. So make sure you buy the best quality blush for getting an elegant look. 

If you have a round-shaped face, then you must focus on making your cheekbones enhancive. To make it happen, you need to apply blush towards the outside of your cheeks. 

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But what you must avoid here is not to touch your nose with blush as it will look round too, which will make you look over-enhanced.

• Technique to apply blush for long-shaped face

Having a long face? Any idea about the right way of applying blush to get that magnificent look? Not an issue; just begin with the pupils until the middle of your cheeks. Then, keep merging it in a semicircle ad you are all set to get that flawless look.

• Techniques to apply blush for heart-shaped face

The heart-shaped face appears to be a little pointed from below, which means you will be working to soften your sharp features, don’t you? Well, for that, you need to follow an easy ‘C’ pattern. 

What does that mean? It simply means blending the blush from the top of your cheeks till the ending of your eyebrows. Make sure that you are applying a small amount of blush to your forehead area, too, to maintain a balance between the chin and the forehead area.

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