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Are Monthly Beauty Subscriptions Really Worth It?

Are Monthly Beauty Subscriptions Really Worth It?

These days, you can get nearly anything in a monthly subscription box. From beauty or high-end fragrances , and even fashion boxes hand-picked by a personal shopper especially for you, these companies will deliver a great selection of products to your door, month after month until you cancel.

People love subscription boxes for their convenience and the thrill of getting a surprise package each month. And with prices as low as $10 a month, they can look like an excellent deal.

Reasons why it is a good idea to invest in a beauty subscription box:

The size of the samples of this Beauty Box from Birchbox is a large size of most of the products.
  • New products: You discover new products, and you get to try a wide variety of brands.
  • Personalisation: Although not many subscriptions allow you to personalise your beauty or fragrance box, many others give the chance to create your profile and select the type of products you would like to receive the most.
  • The size of the samples: Unlike the type of samples that you can order in stores or that you get in online orders, beauty subscription samples are usually relatively large (sometimes there are sales sizes, even).
  • The boxes themselves: If you like to organise your collection of products by sections and in beautiful places, these boxes can be handy.
  • The price: $10, $15 or $20 per month with shipping costs included is too cheap for all the new products you will discover and try.
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