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bareMinerals – The Brand that Revolutionized the Beauty Industry

bareMinerals – The Brand that Revolutionized the Beauty Industry

bareMinerals was the first beauty brand to create what it’s called today “Clean Beauty”, then other cosmetic brands followed their concept…”

Clean Beauty is what nowadays most beauty addicts seek and look for when choosing their beauty products; however, bareMinerals created this type of beauty years ago. Some brands copied the concept as they knew it would be a big revolution in the beauty industry!

What does Clean Beauty mean?

Clean Beauty is a type of beauty concept that some cosmetic brands choose to follow to make their products less harmful for the skin, without adding chemicals and unnecessary contaminants that can be dangerous for your skin and put your health at risk.

Clean Beauty also means cruelty-free (without animal testing), it can be vegan and good for the environment and the planet in most cases.

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bareMinerals started the clean beauty revolution when the brand launched its best-selling mineral foundation in 1995, which is still the best-selling product that the brand has. Millions of women worldwide love.

bareMinerals doesn’t only create high-performance beauty products that are animal and planet-friendly. It also creates products that empower women…

Find out how Susan Chester feels about using bareMinerals.

Since bareMinerals created the first clean beauty product, the brand has continued creating clean, cruelty-free, top-level makeup and skincare products that never compromise performance. The products produced by bareMinerals challenged some big cosmetic brands in the beauty industry, making most of them rethink and copy their concept. However, bareMinerals is the Clean Beauty Creator!

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Would you look more fabulous if your beauty products are cruelty-free?

What makes bareMinerals be a good prestige and luxury brand?

bareMinerals is a brand that is 100% free from Parabens, Phthalates, Formaldehyde, Mineral oil and much more. bareMinerals also contains naturally derived ingredients with proven formulas in all their skincare, anti-ageing and makeup products, giving you the privilege of making your skin enjoy wearing makeup as it won’t be damaged. bareMinerals’ makeup contains the right ingredients for your skin that will make your skin feel happy and healthy. Every time you wear your foundation, lipstick, mascara or any makeup product you prefer.

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bareMinerals’s video explaining the concept behind their Clean Beauty.

Be the generation that ends animal testing and takes care of the planet…

What about the use of plastic?

bareMinerals was one of the first brands to come up with the idea of different Recycling Programs. In the USA (the biggest market for bareMinerals), you can take all the containers and empty beauty products to recycle. While doing this, you will get awarded by points that you can accumulate and use later on if you are part of their loyalty program.

bareMinerals is not only a brand that takes care of your skin, fulfil their skincare promises and cruelty- free. bareMinerals is a brand that also takes care of the planet and empowers women.

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