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Basic Night Makeup Look Step by Step for Beginners

Basic Night Makeup Look Step by Step for Beginners

Night Makeup looks are easy to learn. You can even transform your day Makeup into Night or Party Makeup.

Night Makeup is achieved very easily. Most women don’t have the experience and time to perform the tricks they see in tutorials.

Let’s learn some essential steps to achieve a nice and easy night Makeup look.

  • The first step to achieve a nice night Makeup look is to make sure that your skin is perfectly clean and very hydrated. So you start by applying your moisturiser before anything else.
  • The second step is to apply your primer. This steps should not be skipped as you don’t want your foundation to look dry and eventually destroy your pores. You can read this article about the importance of using primers before your Makeup.
  • Now your skin is ready for some action. You will see some women starting with the eyeshadows or with the concealer, but, here you want to learn basic steps for beginners so you are going to start applying your foundation first.
  • After applying your foundation and making sure you have a good cover-up, then let’s take the eye bags. If you have dark circles or puffy eyes, you just have to create an inverse triangle with the concealer below your eye. Direct the tip towards the cheek and blend very carefully. This will help hide dark circles or redness in your eye. Create the illusion of a more illuminated look which will make you look spectacular without much work.
  • For your eyelids and if you want your eyes to stand out without the need for layers and layers of shadow, this simple trick will change your life. Painting your eyelid with a white eyeliner first will make any eyeshadow you apply a little more secular. It will also make your eyes pop without you having to do big tricks in your shadows.
  • If you want your night Makeup to look complete, this step is very important. The eyeliner is what gives that perfect night makeup look to your look.
  • Now let’s more to the eyebrows. For your eyebrows is if you are not an expert, these two little steps will help you. You will just have to create the outline of your eyebrows using a pencil with a colour similar o slightly one tone clearer that your hair, then fill hair by hair.
  • For the eyelashes, you can either use an eyelashes curler then your favourite mascara or if you know how to use the false eyelashes, then go ahead.
  • Finally the blush and the highlighter.
  • Since it is a night Makeup, choosing bright lipstick colours is essential. Don’t be afraid of choosing red tones.

Always remember that there is beauty in simplicity…

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