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Beauty Sleep – How Sleep Affects Your Skin

Beauty Sleep – How Sleep Affects Your Skin

Did you know that the best beauty secret is a good and deep sleep?

Getting enough sleep is essential for the functioning of human beings and for our healths. While we sleep our body is resting and repairing itself. The lack of sleep can actually cause some serious heart diseases as well as to the Central Nervous System. Make sure you get used to good sleeping habits.

Good and enough sleep is not only good for your health, but also for your skin because it makes you look more rested, attractive and with a glowy skin.

The British Medical Journal, a global healthcare knowledge provider with a great amount of researches about healthcare, did an experiment about how the sleep affects our beauty: Beauty Sleep experimental study on the perceived health and attractiveness of sleep deprived people.

The experiment was about to find out if the sleep really was playing a big role in our beauty, for that reason, 23 healthy sleep deprived adults (age 18-31) who were photographed. 65 untrained observers (age 18-61) rated their photographs and gave their honest rating.

The experimental study was held in The Sleep Lab Examination in Stockholm, Sweden. The sleep deprived people were rated as less healthy and less attractive than after a normal night’s sleep.

There are plenty of other researches and experiments that perfectly prove how the lack of sleep or a bad sleep does affect our skin and attractiveness.

Not having a good sleep for one night, it’s okay and won’t really affect your health nor your skin, as you can perfectly get some energy booster from your creams and a good diet. However, it is essential to guarantee to yourself the eight hours sleep every night as often as you can.

In addition, the quality of your sleep is also important. Make sure that your sleeping environment is quiet and not disrupted by any noise; such as the outside conditions, your neighbours, or your snoring partner.

Did you know that the lack of sleep and snoring can also affect your health or your relationship besides your beauty? Well, here is another article explaining in details how snoring can be harmful to you (the person that sleeps next to the snorer).

Go to the article: Shhh, you’re snoring!!!

The article explains what your body goes through every time you are being awakened by your partner’s snoring, as well as all the remedies, the solutions and the steps that should be taken to help yourself or your sleeping partner from snoring, and eventually get healthy and quality sleep.

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The good news is that, if you are one of the millions of women that suffer from not getting good quality sleep because of their snoring partners, you are lucky to know that there are anti-snoring devices that really work and have also proven their effectiveness.

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The lack of sleep produces free radicals that cause premature ageing, and if you notice, when you sleep poorly your skin is tired, dull, and you have dark circles and red eyes.

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This is why getting enough and good sleep is the beauty secret since it is a natural anti-ageing treatment.

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