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Best Eyeshadows to Match Your Eye Color

Best Eyeshadows to Match Your Eye Color

How to Choose The Best Eyeshadow Shade.

Your eyeshadow can add drama to your eyes and also impact your overall look. Beautiful eyes are always fashionable and eyeshadow is one such product that promises to draw attention to your eyes. An eyeshadow that is in the opposite shade of your eye color will intensify your eye makeup. Let’s look at matching eyeshadows with certain common eye colors.

Brown Eyes

Brown-eyed women have undertones of gold or green color in their eyes. Women with brown eye color can wear almost any shade of eyeshadow. Bright blue and greenish-toned eyeshadows look very good on brown-eyed women. If you feel bright blue is too loud then you can choose navy blue which will give you a sober look.

Green gold eyeshadow will lighten the look of dark brown eyes and give a very soft look to your eyes. Highly pigmented blue shades like those from MAC will give your eyes a more colorful look,

Blue Eyes

Cool blue eyes can be enhanced by using eyeshadow in shades of orange, pink, or red. Blue-eyed women can use metallic tone eyeshadows like gold or bronze for their night outs. A glittery eyeshadow can bring out the metallic undertones behind blue eyes.

Green Eyes

Green eyes go well with eyeshadows in warm taupe, soft pinks, deep brown, and soft peaches. Green-eyed women can achieve a contrasting look by applying eyeshadows in purple shades. Eyeshadow in shades of taupe is perfect for daytime and workwear. Deep purples can look great for a nighttime look.

Hazel Eyes

Women with hazel eyes have multicolored undertones. Their eye color looks different at different times of the day. Eyeshadows in shades of gold, rich brown, green, and purple complement hazel eyes. Bronze-colored eyeshadow will bring out the gold undertones in hazel-eyed women and make their eyes sparkle. Almost all shades of purple from lavender to eggplant look great when applied to green eyes. Light purples and pale pinks will give mysterious look to hazel eyes.

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Gray Eyes

Gray eyes have blue, green, or brown undertones. Smoky eyeshadows work well in women with gray eyes. Gray eyes can be highlighted by using eyeshadows in gunmetal, silver, icy blue, or charcoal shades. Women with gray eyes can confidently experiment with the bold eye look.

Dark brown or black eyes

Eyeshadows in strong shades like silver, chocolate, and violet will give the illusion of large eyes for women with dark eye color.

Final Tips

  • Remember your skin color and hair color will also influence your choice of eyeshadows.
  • Eyeshadows are available in cream, loose pigments, crayons, gel, and powder form. Take your time to find out what works for you.
  • Do your eye makeup first so that any spills do not damage the rest of the makeup.
  • Cream eyeshadows are long-lasting
  • Pigmented eyeshadows are concentrated forms of eyeshadow. You need to use minimal quantities.
  • Eyeshadows in powder form tend to fade after a while.
  • Liquid eyeshadows give you a matte finish after drying. You need to have practice using them.
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