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Body Oil vs Body Lotion: Which Is Better?

Body Oil vs Body Lotion: Which Is Better?

Hydrating Your Body.

This age-long debate on which is better, body oil or lotion, is quite challenging to resolve. It is because everyone has their perceptions of the same. But, here, we shall generally try to answer this question. When choosing between the two, the below discussion will surely be helpful for you.

 Both Are Good with Their Internal Qualities 

Both body oil and body lotion form an essential part of the skincare routine. Both claim to keep the skin hydrated and soft. But they both have their dedicated fans that choose one over the other. They may have their fair share of logic. But the essential point is that both have their positives. It is tough to decide which is better than the other. Both are great for moisturising the skin. Instead of deciding which one is better, it is better to realise which one to use and when. Understand your requirement and check for the ingredients carefully.

Certain factors help in making the right choice between the two. They are:-

  • Yes, sometimes you may find your body skin to be excessively dry and wanting more moisturization, like during the cold winters. Body oil is better than a lotion. Again, there are times when the application of oil on the body can seem impossible due to the weather. But some kind of moisturization is required. Then you can opt for lotion. It is the time and weather that will help you decide which one to choose and when.
  • Also, individual bodily requirements will play a crucial role in choosing between the two. Body oils are sometimes preferred as they have great absorbent qualities that can help aging and drying of the skin. The goodness of the oil can sink into the skin layer, causing the benefits to show. But again, your skin type may be such that it is intolerant to oily compositions, however good and natural they may be. In such cases, you should always go for lotions. The water in them makes them suitable for almost all skin types. 

In Conclusion

So, don’t grab any product going by what advertisements commit or other say. Always understand your skin requirement. That is the best way to answer this question: Body Oil vs Lotion: Which Is Better? Or better, if you cannot find any answer yourself, consult a dermatologist. This way, you will realise if body oil is good for you or a body lotion that you should be using. Again, have a close look at the ingredients while choosing to ensure that you are not compromising anywhere. 

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