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Bold, Feminine and Sweet, Daisy Eau So Fresh

Bold, Feminine and Sweet, Daisy Eau So Fresh

Excite Your senses with a Whimsical Charm.

Daisy Eau So Fresh brings a twist to the original Daisy fragrance with its bold and feminine scent. It is youthful, whimsical, and captivating. It comes in a clear pink bottle with iconic daisies on the cap. The pink and yellow daisies exhibit effortless beauty and playful charm. 

This perfume is perfect for spring when flowers begin to appear in trees, bushes, and meadows. This lovely scent is for elegant ladies who love to let their hair down and be comfortable. The sophisticated fragrance carries a hint of innocence and bubbly energy. 

Whether it is a friend’s wedding or a casual dinner, the sweet fragrance is suitable for any occasion. The sparkly scent is like sunshine captured in a bottle. It is dazzling, alluring, unique, and unpredictable, just like the person who wears it. 

The top notes consist of grapefruit, pear, and raspberry for a fresh and fruity smell. At heart, the exquisite wild rose, violet, and apple blossom form the sweet floral middle notes. The lingering musky fragrance of the base notes is a combination of cedarwood and plum. 

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Daisy Eau So Fresh is available as Eau de Toilette in 75 ml and 125 ml bottles and is accompanied by a body lotion. 

Introducing Dasy Eau so Fresh by Marc Jacobs
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