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Brittle Nails: Causes & How To Care For Them The Best Way?

Brittle Nails: Causes & How To Care For Them The Best Way?

Aging and bad diets are some of the causes for brittle nails. There are even specific treatments and health conditions that make them more fragile. But you do not have to live with that issue. The proper care can make a world of difference to keeping your nails healthy and strong.  

Some Causes For Brittle Nails

  1. When you get wet nails, they will expand. When they dry, they get narrower. If you keep your hands constantly immersed in water, mainly if you use strong soaps or detergents, that constant shifting will cause the nails to become dry and prone to pulling.    
  2. As you age, your nails can get dryer and grow slower. As a result, toenails typically grow thicker and more rigid, and fingernails thinner and easier to break. There is no particular age at which this happens, and it does not happen for everyone, but this may be a reason for your fragile nails.  
  3. The most common cause of anemia, or a low blood cell count, is a lack of iron in the blood. This may occur when you lose too much blood. You may also get it if you do not get enough iron from your diet, or if you have a condition that makes you unable to absorb it.    
  4. Anemia can make your nails weak, or they may fall backwards into the shape of a spoon. In rare cases, weak nails may indicate your body is not getting the necessary vitamins and minerals. For instance, low calcium levels (hypocalcemia) may lead to scaly skin, dry hair, and brittle nails, as well as muscle cramps.    

Four Tips To Care For Your Nails

  1. An easy way to keep nails safe from excessive humidity or harsh chemicals is to wear gloves while washing dishes or cleaning the house. Choose rubber gloves with a cotton lining, which makes it easier for you to sweat.
  2. A handful of small studies suggest taking a daily dose of biotin may thicken and strengthen nails. Higher amounts may alter some laboratory results or affect medications for epilepsy.
  3. Acrylic nails, which are what technicians stick on top of your natural nails, can cause lots of damage. A nail technician has to smooth out the surface in order for them to bond, making it thinner. The chemicals in the glue makes them weak. Avoid this beauty routine if you have fragile nails.    
  4. When you are getting adequate protein, it increases the amount of keratin that your body makes. Keratin is a protein that builds your hair and nails, making them stronger. To figure out how many grams per day you need:
  • Multiply your body weight in pounds by 0.36.
  • Regularly clip and file nails to prevent and fix snags. You should cut them directly through, using a sharp clipper or nail scissors.
  • File them to make a slightly curved shape on the ends. 

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