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Building Your Personalized Eyeshadow Collection

Building Your Personalized Eyeshadow Collection

How to Build Your Own Eyeshadow Pallete.

Every woman’s makeup arsenal should include a well-curated eyeshadow collection. Do you prefer classic statement eye makeup or want to try out the season’s latest eye makeup looks? Irrespective of your preference, it is essential to ensure that you have covered all your bases in terms of eye shadow textures and hues. In this article, we will go through several types of eye shadows. These may help you achieve all of your favourite eye makeup looks. Are you ready to elevate your overall beauty look? Continue reading to learn how to build your eye shadow collection smoothly.

Essential Tools

The following are the requisite tools you would need:

  1. Pots of single eyeshadow
  2. A conventional oven or a toaster oven
  3. A pot holder and metal baking sheet
  4. An eyeshadow palette without shadows
  5. Magnets for your eyeshadow’s bottom
  6. Nail file (made of metal)

First step

Heat the oven to 250 degrees. Low heat is essential to remove eyeshadows from the pan. You do not want to burn the eyeshadows- so, keep it on low heat. Next, you need to release the glue holding together the metal eyeshadow tin to the plastic compact. The rule is to go slow and low.

Second step

Aluminium foils should be used to cover your baking sheet. As you would be using non-food safe plastic on the baking sheets, you better be cautious. Now, position the eyeshadows on the sheet with their tops completely open. You have to ensure that eyeshadow caps are open to negate the possibility of them melting back (when heated) on top of your compacts.

Third step

Check the eyeshadows after around 5 minutes of heating. Some of it would free up right away, while others may require a few minutes longer. You may remove them from the plastic containers if you gauge that the metal tin would pull apart from the plastic.

Fourth step

Using your oven mitt, separate the pan from the oven. Let them cool for a few minutes. Now, you slid the metal file underneath it and skin the metal tin. Careful! It is still hot. If you remove the lingering glue underneath the makeup tin right now, it might cling to a different surface. So it would be wise to wait a little longer after you have finished peeling it up.

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As soon as you feel safe handling it, add the self-adhesive magnet beneath every eyeshadow tin. There may be adhesive still at the metal tin bottoms. But that is not a problem- place the magnet on top. You would not wish to place the eyeshadow pan on your new collection as this adhesive may stick to the eyeshadows. Thus, you would be unable to take it off to replace the eyeshadows later.

Fifth step

Place the sticky label beneath your old eyeshadow pot on top of the magnet. The magnet should still function properly, but it will be easier to recall the used eyeshadow’s brand and colour. Then, presto, put the new magnets to the empty makeup palette. Congratulations! Now you can build your eyeshadow collection personalized to your whims and fancies!

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