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Can I Remove Acrylic Nails at Home?

Can I Remove Acrylic Nails at Home?

Removing Acrylics without Damaging Your Nails.

Remember the last time someone complimented you about how well maintained your nails are. It made your day, didn’t it. Of course, we know you love your nails, and your sensitive nails har such a tough job to be taken care of. But we guess so are all good things. So here is a list of methods you could use to get acrylic off your nails without causing them to chip away or break.

How to Remove Acrylics – Fast and Easy

Acetone – The Wonder Chemical

Take two bowls of unequal size. Fill the smaller bowl with acetone and fill the bigger one with warm water. Now place the smaller bowl in the bigger bowl to warm the acetone. Next, apply petroleum jelly on your cuticles to protect them from the drying effects of acetone. Now dip your fingers in acetone and keep it for 30 mins. The chemical dries and chips away from the acrylic nail paint, and it can be easily scraped off.

Non Acetone Nail Polish

Take a transparent acetone-free nail polish and pour it into a small container. Now dip your nails into the bowl and wait for next, repeating. Finally, repeat the scraping process as mentioned in the previous method.

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Electric File or Nail Bit

Use a nail file to remove the layer of acrylic first. Take a few cotton balls after you have done it to an extent when no more nail paint can be removed by the file. Dip the balls in acetone and wrap them around your fingers. Secure the balls with the help of aluminium foils which you have to wrap around them and your fingers. Now keep this for fifteen to twenty minutes. Next, use a cuticle moisturiser to restore the suppleness of the skin around the nails. A cuticle pusher can be used to remove excess acrylics too.

Warm Water

Take a few sticks or pointed tweezers and try to scrape the nails in such a manner that the edges are lifted upward. There should be space for the warm water to seep deeper into the region between the nail and nail polish and loosen their attachment. Warm water to a pleasant temperature and dip your nails in it for thirty minutes. Using the stick or tweezer, scrape away the nail paint again, not hurting the skin and cuticles. Dip your nails again to remove the residual acrylics. Repeat the scraping. Finally, apply a moisturiser or aloe gel to soothe the skin.

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