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Can Nutritional Supplements Help You Reduce the Ageing Process?

Can Nutritional Supplements Help You Reduce the Ageing Process?

In our 20’s the human body starts losing its efficiency and the Collagen production leading to a premature ageing, hair loss and a huge lack of energy…

Stress, contamination, radiance exposure and an unhealthy lifestyle are just a few of the things that speed up the process of ageing and damages our healths. For this reason, it is very important to be aware of what your body needs and what is trying to tell you.

What can supplements help you with?

There are plenty of supplements that anyone can take on a daily basis. Supplements that are as natural as eating fruits or veggies since they contain all the nutrients that your body needs, however, you should never replace your healthy diet with supplements. Remember that supplement is here to help you with what your body lacks, and also to provide you with higher support.

Watch DR Anthony Youn, MD a Certified Plastic Surgeon explaining what are Supplements and why you should include them in your diet.

What are the benefits of Supplements?

A balanced diet provides nutrients through healthy and whole foods. The problem is that not all people can or have the ability to eat well (the number of meals suggested and whose contribution is recommended by doctors) every day, so they are not getting complete nutrition.

This is perhaps one of the most important benefits that food supplements offer to your body; being able to provide those nutritional elements that are sorely lacking, whether they are vitamins, minerals, proteins, fatty acids or antioxidants.

On the other hand, supplements are also an advantage for those who decided to make gradual changes in their lifestyle and put a stop to cravings; Well, while you strive to follow a more balanced diet, nutritional supplements allow you to fill in certain gaps and contribute to your well-being.

Watch DR Susan E. Brown explaining why your body needs Nutritional Supplements.

For example, most supplements are taken with food in the morning, that is, during breakfast; that way you start the day with what you need to make the most of it. There are other capsules that are ingested with dinner foods, so the replacement of energy or the elements that the body needs is also ensured.

What about yought, ageing and wrinkles ?

There are many anti-ageing supplements that can take care of your body inside-out and more efficient than all the chemicals and treatments that you get your body and skin exposed to… Getting older and being healthy is a universal aspiration.

Slowing down the inexorable passage of time is in our hands with good habits and the help of some principles found in food.

Cell damage caused by free radicals and shortening of telomeres is two of the main causes of ageing, among many other things that we get exposed to, many times a day. Ageing consists of a progressive deterioration of physiological functions over time. Some of its main causes include accumulated cell damage caused by free radicals and shortening of telomeres (ends of chromosomes that play an important role in cell division).

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Ageing is unstoppable, but it can be slowed down, and science has been busy for a long time to unravel all the secrets that surround this fact, inherent to all living beings. There is the possibility of resorting to certain aids to achieve the objective, and some of the best anti-ageing allies – along with the aforementioned healthy lifestyle – are found in some of the products we consume regularly.

Why supplements are powerful for your skin, hair, nails and all your body and health?

Supplements are easy to take and in one capsule you can get all that your body needs when it comes to minerals, vitamins, collagen etc…

In order to provide your body with up to 8 types of vitamins a day, you would have to consume different types of veggies and fruits. Not many people enjoy eating veggies and fruits, and not everyone has the time to shop and make an effort to find and get all that their bodies need.

Supplements can be a great source of many goodies to your health!

Vitamins, thanks to their antioxidant properties, stop the action of free radicals (responsible for ageing). In addition, among the most prominent benefits of vitamins, are the moisturizing, protective, illuminating and firming powers.

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