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Can Science and Technology Powered Skincare Slow Down Skin Aging?

Can Science and Technology Powered Skincare Slow Down Skin Aging?

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In recent years, there has been a shifting trend toward the use of science and technology powered skincare brands. Consumers today read the labels very thoroughly before spending their time choosing their new beauty products. So they expect the skincare brands to offer them the best results for their skin. But some skincare brands do not meet the criteria and you would require to switch to a more efficient skincare brand to achieve the desired results for your skin.

The Science of Slowing Down Aging | WIRED

Benefits of Science and Technology Powered Skincare

1. More effective ingredients:

It can be a big difference to opt for a $200 moisturizer instead of a $5 moisturizer. But it is certainly beneficial to opt for a high-tech skincare product because the concentration of active ingredients in the product is higher, so it is more effective. Contrary to this, basic drugstore products contain harsher and less effective ingredients, with only a minute concentration of the active ingredients.

2. Save you from regular dermatological check-ups:

Opting for science and technology powered skincare products can save you from frequent trips to the dermatologist. Cheap and drugstore products can cause sudden breakouts or rash and result in spending hundreds on dermatological consultations. A sudden breakout or a sensitivity reaction is often traced back to the use of low-quality skincare products. Science based and dermatologically approved skincare products may have higher prices but their results are certainly more visible and last longer.

3. Contain more natural ingredients:

Science based skincare brands invest their time in finding natural ingredients to add to their products that prove beneficial for the skin. For example, high-end skincare brands search for natural ingredients to add to their exfoliators that gently remove the top layers of the skin giving it a more glowy and even texture. In contrast, grocery store brands contain harsher ingredients that scrape off the layers of the skin resulting in inflammation. Moreover, some customers are not only concerned about the outcome of the natural ingredients but also their impact on the environment. So high-tech skincare brands go on to choose natural ingredients that provide the best for both worlds.

4. Suitable for all skin types:

High-tech skincare products are formulated in a way that best suits all skin types. In contrast, basic drugstore and cheap skincare products contain ingredients that do not suit all skin types. Moreover, sensitive skin types react differently to preservatives and fragrances. High-tech skincare brands formulate skincare products that are more suitable for sensitive skin and contain natural ingredients.

5. Fight wrinkles and slow down ageing:

Many people suffer from premature aging. Premature aging happens when a person’s biological age is older than their chronological age, and this can be due to many reasons that can actually be easily avoided. Science based skincare products contain ingredients that increase collagen and elastin production in the skin and help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

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