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Can Sun Exposure Damage Your Hair?

Can Sun Exposure Damage Your Hair?

How to Protect Your Hair from The Sun

When you go out, you are exposed to the harsh rays of the sun. Apart from affecting your skin, the sun’s rays can also damage your hair. You can wear sunscreen to protect your skin, but what about your hair? It is equally important to protect your hair; else, the cuticle can break down due to the UV rays. This can make your hair strands dry and damage them.

Here are some of how you can protect your hair from the sun:

1) Wear a hat

The best way to protect your hair from the sun is to wear a hat. You need to wear a wide-brimmed hat that completely covers your face. Not only will such a hat protect your hair, but it also shades your face and neck, protecting it from UV rays. There are hats in the market that offer ultraviolet protection. Look for such hats as they offer extra protection for your beautiful hair.

2) Let a conditioner be your best friend

A hair conditioner can be your best friend and can help you on a sunny day. Condition your hair regularly using a premium conditioner product. It will bring back moisture to your hair and ensure it is healthy. In addition, it will help you protect your hair from the hot and harmful rays of the sun. You can even apply a little coconut oil when you go out into the sun (e.g., when you go for a swim).

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3) Be careful while using shampoo

Shampooing is something that you do regularly to keep your hair luxuriant. But during hot days, it is best to limit the usage of shampoo. Do not shampoo every day or if you have to do it, then use a gentle shampoo. You can also rinse your hair in lukewarm water instead. You mustn’t scrub your hair with shampoo during the summer month. Just let it washdown.

4) Take extra care of colored hair

If your hair is coloured, you need to take extra care of it during summer. When the sun rays hit the chemicals used to colour your hair, the result can be bad. So instead, moisturize and condition your hair using products specifically meant for coloured hair.

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