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Charcoal Face Mask Benefits

Charcoal Face Mask Benefits

How Charcoal Masks Work & Reasons to Use them.

Women are in the habit of using charcoal masks. Nevertheless, you ought to use it under the close supervision of a derm. There are sufficient reasons for this:

Are these good for you?

Well, there is minimal kind of research in this regard. But, of course, generally speaking, they do appear safe when used appropriately. However, it may be noted, overuse of the same might cause charcoal mask side effects like:

  • Redness.
  • Sensitivity and
  • Dryness in the skin.

You can use one yardstick to determine its safety. It is probably safe if you do not experience any redness or itching in the skin within a few hours of application.

Know the numerous benefits of using activated charcoal

The activated charcoal benefits for skin have made it immensely popular among women. The best thing about it is – it works superbly as a perfect natural remedy for solving acne problems. There are important reasons behind this. These include:

  • Charcoal can be useful to remove bacteria.
  • Likewise, it is responsible for getting rid of other impurities present in the pores.
  • It is incredibly helpful for controlling oiliness as well.
  • This offers necessary help to remove dead skin cells.
  • It does absorb excess oil.
  • You can end up getting a healthy glow in your skin without much shine.

Get rid of the dull appearance of your skin

At times, due to harsh environmental factors such as debris and pollution, your skin takes a toll. It damages your skin and leaves your complexion tired and dull. When used correctly, the charcoal mask helps in reducing the dullness in your skin. Not only this, but it also goes a long way in increasing its luminosity, especially during the chilly winter months. 

Is the peel-off mask appropriate for you?

Often, women who use charcoal peel-off masks have one query – is it appropriate for their skin? If the skincare experts are to be believed, this can be a little too harsh for the soft skin present on your face.

Yes, undeniably, charcoal might serve as an excellent alternative to skincare as it goes about removing excess oil. Nevertheless, the peel-off masks, on the other hand, can be a little harsh for sensitive skin.

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Exercise due caution before using a charcoal mask

According to expert dermatologists, you ought to exercise caution while using a charcoal mask. They attribute cause in acne or infections as the possible reasons. For instance, you are likely to experience your skin getting worse due to the use of a charcoal mask. At times, these masks are the real culprits for giving rise to instances of:

  • Hyperpigmentation.
  • Infection.
  • Scarring.

Know why derms think of daily uses of a charcoal mask

Yes, there is no denying using a charcoal mask 1 to 3 times a week can produce healthy outcomes. These benefits come in the form of:

  • Cleansing of all pores present in the skin.
  • It plays an instrumental role in neutralizing various environmental toxins.

It is equally valid; daily use of these masks is not recommended by dermatologists. However, there is an obvious rationale behind this suggestion. The masks go about soaking all-natural oils as well as moisture present in the skin.

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