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Choosing Highlighter Colors for Your Skin Tone

Choosing Highlighter Colors for Your Skin Tone

How to Choose a Highlighter?

A highlighter is used to highlight specific points of the face. This cosmetic item makes you look more youthful. Select the right highlighter to get the desired effect. Different types of highlighters for different skin types and tones are available. Identify your skin type and tone to select the perfect highlighter.

Fair Skin Tone

Highlighters in champagne, silver and pearl shades are perfect for the light skin tone. The content has light pigment that adds the right level of radiance to the complexion. Avoid dark and warm shades. Do not include shades with red undertones. Top-quality products with a light iridescent effect are the perfect choice when you need a pearly pink highlight. A stick design highlighter is easy to apply. Use a powder highlighter with a peachy pink shade to give your face a flattering and glowing effect.

Medium Skin Tone

Highlighters available in gold, bronze, and iridescent undertone are perfect for warm skin tones. It will keep your complexion nice and gleaming without giving it a frosty look. Golden shade highlighters will make your face skin look beautiful. Apply it on the high face points. If you prefer a bolder highlight, choose a champagne shade highlighter.

Deep Skin Tone

A variety of highlighters in rose gold and bronze options are available for dark complexions. Select a highlighter with lots of pigment. Avoid products with opalescent and frosty shades because these shades will cause the deep skin tone to look dull. You want to make your skin look glowing from within. Instead, remain focused on the warm hues. You will find the peach liquid highlighter formula that blends effortlessly with the foundation and tinted moisturiser. Get some extra sheen immediately after its application.

Mature and Dry Skin

Look for strobing creams that create a dewy effect. The shimmery tone may not be the right choice for mature skin. You will avoid emphasising the wrinkles and still achieve the luminescent effect. Avoid the shimmer, which will exaggerate the skin unevenness. Powder highlighter will accentuate dry patches. Mature and dry skin can be highlighted better with a wet-finish highlighting cream.

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Oily Skin

Choose products carefully for this skin because the oily skin already has some level of shining. It is better to use a powder highlighter with less shimmer. You do not want to make your skin look greasy with lots of shimmers. It will also emphasise larger pores. A strobing powder in a matte finish will highlight the skin nicely.

A variety of highlighters in different shades are available for different skin tones. Choose the product based on your skin type and tone.

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