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Choosing Suitable Makeup for Medium Skin Tones

Choosing Suitable Makeup for Medium Skin Tones

Medium Skin Tones Guide.

Many new makeup trends can be pretty fun to experiment with. However, if you are not that familiar with makeup, it can be daunting to try neon eyeliners or a glass skin look. If you visit a beauty supply store, it will often leave you overwhelmed with choices. It is easy to get confused in such a place if you are unsure which products would suit your medium skin tone.

Medium skin tones are those that fall somewhere between light and olive, and there is a certain beige undertone to the skin. Although this ‘in-between’ skin often has a natural glow, it can be difficult to find makeup products that would suit it. However, you can use the following tips in finding the right makeup for your medium complexion.

How to Find Your Skin Undertone • easy tips to pick the best foundation

What is Complexion Undertone?

Beneath your skin tone, there is often a subtle hue of an undertone.

  • Cool Undertone: Red, blue and pink hues.
  • Warm Undertone: Peach, yellow and golden hues.
  • Neutral Undertone: Falls between Cool and Warm.

You will be able to choose the right makeup once you have determined what your undertone is. The most common way to find this out is with the help of a vein test. For example, if your veins are green, then you have a warm undertone, and if your veins are blue, then your undertone is cool.


You can get the right shade of foundation for your medium skin tone by working with your undertone. You can do this by using the three-stripe test. In this, you have to pick three types of foundations that are closest to your skin colour but with different undertones. One should look pink, another yellow, and the third should be somewhat neutral. Then, you can apply a stripe of each foundation along your jawline and blend it into the skin. Whichever disappears into the skin will be the right foundation shade.


Choosing a bluish for medium skin tone can be challenging as a dark one can appear too harsh, while a lighter blush will end up washing you out. For people with cool undertones, a rosy pink blush can bring the proper flush of colour to your cheeks. On the other hand, if your undertone is warm, the peach or soft apricot-coloured blush would be a better choice.

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People with medium skin tones already have a natural glow and colour in their complexions. Your bronzer should just be used to enhance these natural features. The good idea is to choose a bronzer that is two shades darker than your skin tone. For example, a golden-brown bronzer would be perfect for warm undertones, while those with cool undertones can use a translucent powder instead of a bronzer to add warmth to the skin.

Eye Shadows

Bronze and honey shades are great for eye shadow colours on a medium skin tone. For cool undertones, grey and lavender are some excellent eye shadow colours to experiment with, while those with warm undertones can try rich blues and copper.


For medium skin tones, lipsticks are one makeup product you can experiment with. You can try deep berry, burgundy, reds, and even mauve. However, you should keep certain things in mind when choosing a nude lip colour. For example, cooler undertones look better with slightly pink nudes, while warmer undertones look better with beige nudes.

How to Find Your Skintone
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