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Choosing the Right Extensions for Your Hair Colour

Choosing the Right Extensions for Your Hair Colour

How to Choose Hair Extensions for Your Hair Colour?

Beautiful hair extensions are those that appear natural and match the colour of the user’s own hair. When proper colour-matched hair extensions are used, a seamless look can be created. It also means there is no visible separation between the extension and the person’s hair. The big question is how to select the right hair extensions to match your hair colour? Check out these tips before you decide to purchase one.

1. Determine your hair family

You should understand what colour family your hair falls into before choosing a hair extension. Do you have red, brown, black, or golden hair? You need to buy a hair extension based on your hair colour. Your next step would be to determine the tone of your hair. Observe the hair in natural light and check whether there is a neutral, warm, or cool undertone or not. You also need to compare your hair against a colour chart and have a colour ring-in person to assist you in determining the actual undertone and colour of your hair.

2. Are you aware of where to look?

Are you shopping online to get hair extensions? It is advisable not to concentrate just on the front part of the hair for matching colour. That is because the top of a person’s head and the front pieces can have a lighter shade than the rest of the hair. In addition, a person’s natural hair roots tend to have a darker hue than the rest of the hair. After all, the roots represent new growth. Also, they are usually hidden from direct exposure to the sun. 

Instead, you should focus on the mid-length to ends for a proper colour match with a hair extension. After all, this part of the hair extension shows the most. Stand in natural light and compare your mid-length hair colour to ends with the hair extension colour. You can hold a part of your hair against a particular colour ring. 

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3. Highlighted hair

The recommendation to purchase strong coloured hair extensions for a person’s featured hair should be to coordinate theirs underneath the shade. For instance, if your hair is highlighted, there should ideally be two different colours in your hair. Irrespective of the count of features that are there, one shading can or the other can be coordinated. Does your hair colour have at least two or multiple shades? The dominating hair colour is then the most appropriate match for the hair extension.

Hair extensions come in solid colours, and so they should blend properly with the other hair colours of a person. So if you get that perfect extension colour for your hair, you can surely gain a beautiful and natural look.

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