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Coconut Oil for Hair: Benefits, Uses and Tips

Coconut Oil for Hair: Benefits, Uses and Tips

How to Use Coconut Oil for a Stronger Hair?

You hair is your most precious adornment. Nothing matches the allure that a lustrous mane can inspire in the heart of onlookers. Luscious locks are loved and envied by everyone alike. You might be wondering that a lot must go into managing and maintaining your smooth and silky hair. We agree. But we also have to tell you that it is not about the serums or even the natural shampoos for good hair health. It’s a simple and beautiful ritual. It’s a coconut oil massage.

How To Properly Use Coconut Oil For Faster Hair Growth & Healthy Hair

Adding Ingredients

Take a small amount of coconut oil in a heating container. You can add fenugreek seeds to it. They are a good prevention measure against hair damage. You could also add something disinfecting, like a neem or eucalyptus oil. Even better, go for some lavender or chamomile leaves to add a sweet aroma to the oil concoction. Heat the oil on a low flame until it’s a little more than warm. We would advise you to use more unprocessed ingredients for the additions. Opt for fresh rose petals instead of a rose perfume. The key is to keep it as much pure as possible.

How to Apply?

Dip your fingers into the oil container and gently rub your hands together to make sure they spread to every part of your palm that might come into contact with your hair. Now start brushing your hand on your head, and make sure you start with the roots. The scalp needs to be massaged thoroughly to improve circulation. Ensure that the oil sets perfectly on your scalp, after which you can start applying oil to the lower parts of your hair. The warm oil will induce a feeling of relaxation and peace within you, and you will absolutely love it.

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After Massage Recommendations

If you live in a hot tropical climate, make sure to wash the oil away with a good nourishing shampoo within a day or two from the date of massage. Cold climates permit you to let that oil stick longer on your head without causing much damage. People with curly hair can have a perpetual supply of coconut oil that they might need as a natural hair conditioner every day since their hair needs more protection from tangling. In such a case, washing it off is an irrelevant choice. Whatever may be the case, remember that oil reacts with sebum to create dandruff. So if you are in a place where you sweat a lot, make sure you wash the oil early.

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