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Cruelty Free Makeup Brands

Cruelty Free Makeup Brands

What is a Cruelty Free Brand?

Cruelty-free makeup brands are those which do not hurt or harm or kill animals during their manufacturing processes. This also means that there is no protocol for testing on animals by the manufacturers or suppliers, for your cruelty-free makeup. A few years ago, there were not too many cruelty-free makeup brands to choose from. That has now changed, and with each passing year, the number of makeup brands offering cruelty-free makeup has increased significantly.

What happens if you don’t use cruelty-free makeup brands?

Over 100 million animal lives are affected adversely on a daily basis due to cosmetic testing. All kinds of animals undergo testing, right from hamsters to rabbits to even dogs. These animals are kept in small confined spaces in terrible conditions and are poisoned, tortured, maimed, and eventually killed. This is extremely inhumane. Further, it is proven that the beauty industry does not require animal testing. There are several alternatives to animal testing to ensure ingredient safety, which are more conclusive and are preferred by science. You should not be comfortable using makeup products that have been tested on other living things. You can save these innocent animals from torture and death, by investing your efforts and money into an ethical makeup brand.

What can cruelty-free makeup brands do for you?

Cruelty-free makeup brands are good not ONLY for animals. They are better for you too! As compared to brands that test on animals, cruelty-free makeup brands use ingredients that are safe for consumers. Cruelty-free makeup brands do not use harmful parabens, carcinogens, or synthetic dyes. Instead, they use natural ingredients, which are much healthier for you. You do not want to leave a product that has harmful ingredients on your skin for hours.

Using ethical makeup brands will also make you much happier and more confident, as you will know you are playing your part in making the world a better place to live in.

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How do you find the right cruelty-free makeup product?

Finding cruelty-free makeup products is not difficult at all. More companies have realized that animal testing is very inhumane, and have begun to offer cruelty-free products. You can walk into any makeup store, and it is very likely that at least 50% of the products there are cruelty-free. Make sure you skim the product label before you purchase a product, and if necessary, replace the product with a cruelty-free option. This way, you will also become a savvier and smarter shopper. By specifically seeking out cruelty-free makeup brands, you will be inclined towards doing your research and educating yourself. You will make better shopping decisions and find high-quality products that work for you.

How can you bring change?

By supporting cruelty-free makeup products, you are sending a message to the whole beauty industry. Companies that test on animals must understand that the only way they will receive your business is if they stop testing on animals. If the demand for cruelty-free makeup brands increases, then the rate of animal testing will also reduce significantly. So go on, play your part in promoting positive change!

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