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Daisy Marc Jacobs, The Essence of Youthful Spirit

Daisy Marc Jacobs, The Essence of Youthful Spirit

Daisy by Marc Jacobs.

Daisy captures the youthful charm and feminine grace in a bottle. It reminds you of a place of pristine beauty, hope, and simplicity. The floral aroma transports you to a pleasant summer with blue skies and bright dandelions. The golden sunlight spreads across the meadow as a gentle wind blows, carrying the fragrance of delicate wildflowers.  

Alluring and one-of-a-kind, this scent complements women who wear their hearts on their sleeves. It resonates with a carefree and happy soul filled with positivity and endless charm. She is kind, sophisticated, and her eyes gleam with whimsy. Everywhere she goes, she brings joy and warmth.  

Daisy opens with a fruity smell of freshly picked berries in the wild. The romantic white violet blends with sensual jasmine to create an intoxicating and seductive floral heart note. At the base, the mild sandalwood leaves a heavenly woody fragrance. 

Created by Alberto Morillas, Daisy is a classic that embodies purity and ethereal beauty. The original Daisy by Marc Jacobs comes in a delightful and unique bottle with lovely daisies on its cap, giving it a vintage feel. 

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Mild and sweet, Daisy makes a great perfume to wear at work, for a walk in the park, or on a romantic date. 

Charmingly Simple & Effortlessly Timeless

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