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Discover the Best Shade of Red Hair for your Skin Tone

Discover the Best Shade of Red Hair for your Skin Tone

How to Find Your Perfect Red Hair Color?

A good redhead has been popular for as long as we can remember. The right red colour for you can make your eyes pop and your smile look brighter. However, the wrong red colour can make you a target for trolls. 

If you are lucky to be a part of 2% redheads, great for you, but if you are not? Here is how you can choose the perfect red hair colour for you.

  • Understand the colors: The first thing to realize is that each red has a different mood and will fit differently. These will also look different based on your skin tone. For this reason, it is important to know what your skin tone and undertone are. Undertones are the natural colors beneath the surface. These can be cool, warm, or neutral tones.
  • Skin and eye colors: To figure out your skin tone and the red that matches it, you need to check the color of your veins. Green veins indicate a warm skin tone. Purple or blue veins indicate a cooler skin tone. If you cannot tell the difference, you might have a neutral tone. Choose a red color that either complements or is in complete contrast.
  • Current hair color: Your current hair color or the base for red color will also determine the perfect red for you. Coloring your red will require maintenance and is easier with higher-quality products. 

 However, it can be a long process if you have a black base and want a rose gold colour.

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What are the different red colors you can try?

  • Red color for Neutral tones: Because neutral tones have both warm and cool tones, they can work with almost any color of red. If you want to look striking, you can go for richer red shades, and for a deeper aesthetic, you can go for dark red or mahogany. You can also go for a more natural shade of red.
  • Red color for warm tones: If you have a warmer undertone, the bright red color will suit you a lot. You can go vibrant with your red! Copper red can also make your skin look radiant.
  • Red color for cool tones: For someone with a cooler undertone, you can experiment with more muted reds such as pinks, gingers, peaches, or cinnamon shades. You can also choose a darker red instead. This way, you can go for a red color without it overpowering your other features. 

To get the perfect colour, all you need is to know your skin tone and go for the look you have been waiting for!

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