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Discovering La Maison Valmont

Discovering La Maison Valmont

La Maison Valmont, The Swiss Cellular Cosmetics at Its Finest

A touch of mascara to increase the sensuality of your eyes, that hint of blush to accentuate the beauty of your cheeks, all are meant for you, my fair lady. La Maison Valmont is a leading luxury beauty company globally, which understands women’s passion for looking good and exclusive.

La Maison Valmont’s Presence

La Maison Valmont has stores in Munich, Germany; Paris, France; Berlin, Germany; Tokyo, Japan; Hong Kong, Lausanne, Switzerland; Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China; and Shanghai, China. Along with its presence in Europe and Asia, they have a huge customer base through their online website. Their products are available in some of the most prestigious stores too. 

Presentation of Essence of gold sturgeon with Sophie Vann-Guillon by LUXE.TV

The Collections

La Maison Valmont’s collections are specially curated keeping their high-end clientele in mind. They do not believe in doing mass production and being available in every Walmart or Amazon store across the globe. Their exclusive products are meant only for you, their exclusive clients who have trusted them for so many years.

Precious Collection

As the name suggests, La Maison Valmont’s precious collection is meant for your precious skin. The products are made from natural ingredients, and they use glacial water from Switzerland. The anti-ageing properties of these exclusive products are loved by all their patrons. These high-end products will indeed work like magic on your skin as they contain natural plant extracts. 

Majestic Collection

When you use the high-end products from La Maison Valmont’s majestic collection, you too will feel like royalty. This line was launched to give that sought-after care to your treasured skin, which it deserves. Curated from honey, propolis, and royal jelly, these products are meant to keep your skin ever-youth.

Marvelous Collection

The regenerating essence packed in small bottles will surely fill you with awe and gratitude. The products are designed to regenerate your skin and brighten your complexion. The glow which will appear on your skin once you use them regularly will become a matter of ”neighbour’ s envy, owner’s pride.”

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Jazzy Twist – Eau de Parfum – Collezione Privata

La Maison Valmont’s fragrances are categorised in three categories- Palazzo Nobile, Collezione Privata and Stoire Veneziane. Some of their most popular items are Casanova (launched in 2020- Woody Aromatic), Blooming Ballet (2020- Floral Fresh), Jazzy Twist (2020, Floral Gourmand), Rosso (2018, Floral OrientIn addition, we). Furthermore, La Maison Valmont manufactures some of the most exotic perfumes globally to make you feel special.

La Maison Valmont welcomes you to their world to explore the heaven of beauty, aroma, and charm. 

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