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Do You Need a Separate Day and Night Face Moisturiser?

Do You Need a Separate Day and Night Face Moisturiser?

Have you noticed that there are some skin treatments and creams for day and night use? Are they really different? Is it important to use both of them? You have probably asked these questions many times…

Let’s see what the differences between a day and a nigh face cream are?

  • Day creams: They have a lower concentration of assets to avoid interacting with the skin’s exposure to the sun and eventual hyperpigmentation. They usually contain hyaluronic acid and urea to hydrate; collagen and antioxidant vitamins C and E to fight wrinkles; filters with factor 15 to avoid burns; and illuminating mother-of-pearl for an optical effect of porcelain skin.
  • Night creams: They have a higher concentration of assets because there is no sun exposure or sweat during the night. They contain substances that can cause stains or irritation, such as 0.02% retinol, derived from vitamin A that peels to eliminate wrinkles; and glycolic, mandelic and salicylic acids in concentrations 12 and 15%, which fight wrinkles and remove spots. They also have vitamins A, C, and E.
Watch Cityline’s video explaining the reasons why you should start applying nigh creams.

What about their functionalities?

  • Day creams: Protect the skin from external aggressions, such as UV rays and pollution. Day creams are good for moisturising the skin, favouring creating a barrier that prevents water from evaporating from the skin. They also hide spots, wrinkles and also illuminate.
  • Night creams: High skin repair, since it is during the night when the skin regenerates the most. Night creams are also great to nourish and fight wrinkles.

To have a radiant, flawless and youthful skin is every woman’s dream. For this we know that it is important to sleep well, eat correctly and, of course, have a good skincare routine. Although there are more and more products to care for the skin, for dermatologists, there are some that are basic: cleaning, hydration, sun protection and anti-ageing treatments. That is why it is important to use a day cream and a night cream.

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