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Do You Need both Translucent & Setting Powders?

Do You Need both Translucent & Setting Powders?

Translucent and Setting Powder Explained?

Even if you are an expert makeup artist or are just learning to make that eyeliner look good, many makeup options are always confusing. When you have so many options of mascaras and a ton of beauty brushes or those makeup powders that you use after you are done with applying the base, you might get confused between all of these choices. 

Hence, this article will help you understand why you need translucent powder and if you need both. 

What is a Finishing Powder?

Finishing powder is to change the overall appearance of the texture of your makeup or skin after it is all completed. This powder might be marked as the HD one, making it used with a very high-definition camera. A small dusting is to be sued on top of the makeup to blur the skin texture when on film. 

Think of this finishing powder like the IRL version of face tune. It must be sued as your final step in the entire makeup routine to give you an airbrush finish. If you accidentally hop on to wearing a bit too much blush, bronzer, or contouring, a finishing powder will help you even out everything. 

What is a Setting Powder?

Setting powder’s only purpose is to hold all makeup on for day and night. This powder soaks all of the excess oils in your skin and the liquid foundation products to hold liquid makeup on your skin for a longer duration. 

This is mainly what keeps you from turning your makeup and face into one oily mess with the foundation dripping down on your face after some hours of wearing it. 

Simply said, setting powder sets the makeup. Touch-ups may become something of the past with the right setting powder. It is used over your liquid foundation and the concealers to lock wet products in place so that they do not transfer.

The Major Differences between both Products?

You might know why you need translucent powder and are also ready to get it on your next shopping list, but do you also need to get a setting powder? Finishing powder will not set your makeup, and if you start using too much of it or are using finishing powder as a setting powder, you may get a gnarly white cast when brought under the flash photography. 

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Setting powder can be layered on the makeup many times to keep the oil away in the day and never show the cast or react with any camera properly. The major thing that you should watch out for is the product caking up or looking heavy or thick and settling into wrinkles or lines. 

You can use both of these products all together. All liquid products before any of the powders, then setting powder to lock it all in and a bit of dusting of the finishing powder on top. 

Makeup setting powder can help you gain the best look of setting your makeup, and the finishing powder is already on your list; hence, you are safe to use both at once.

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