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Does Castor Oil Work for Hair Growth?

Does Castor Oil Work for Hair Growth?

Castor Oil Benefits.

In the last few years, experts have been extolling the virtues of using castor oil for lush tresses. In addition, the use of castor oil in traditional medicine has helped with many ailments. Used on the scalp, castor oil effectively moisturises, gets rid of dandruff, and leaves hair shiny and smooth.

Castor beans are a rich source of ricinoleic acid, which is fatty and fights inflammation effectively. Used on the scalp, it enhances the health of the hair follicle. Healthy follicles promote good growth and reduce hair loss. In addition, castor oil has antimicrobial properties, keeping harmful bacteria from proliferating and keeping the scalp infection-free.

Dr Sean McConnell walks us through some history and facts of Castor Oil.

How to Use Castor Oil

Castor oil is pale yellow or clear in appearance. Experts recommend doing a patch test before applying it to the scalp. As a pre-shampoo treatment for fine hair, it works as an intensive treatment when applied to hair ends. In addition, it will keep hair from tangling.

  • If you have straight to wavy hair, you can apply to the scalp. Apply a hot towel or steam so that the oil penetrates deeply. Damp heat along with castor oil helps to hydrate hair and give it a glossy shine.
  • If you have wavy or curly hair, you should mix a few drops of oil to your conditioner before using. This is especially useful in hot summer months.
  • For those with tight curls, it can be used as a weekly moisturizer before shampooing.

What Type of Castor Oil Is Best?

Hair experts recommend using a cold-press version. This should be applied to the hair shaft for maximum benefits. For the scalp, black castor oil is recommended. Both versions of the oil will ensure that sufficient ricinoleic acid is available to the follicle and hair shaft. Experts recommend that people with dandruff avoid using this as it can make the condition worse.

Before using castor oil for hair conditioning and growth, one thing to note is to use organic, cold-pressed oil. Ensure that you get the purest version of the oil to use a. You can use it once or twice a week before shampooing. Leaving oil on your scalp/hair overnight will not offer any better results.

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Since castor oil is very dense, it should be diluted with a lighter oil like olive, jojoba or grapeseed Mix before applying. Castor oil is also very sticky and washes out easily when mixed with a more lightweight base. Pour some oil on your palm and spread it evenly on the scalp and hair. If you want to, apply a hot damp towel to your hair. You can shampoo your hair after 30 to 60 minutes.

People who experience hair loss know how it feels to lose a lot. However, most women begin to lose volume once they reach their 40s. There are several natural and organic options to stem hair loss, and castor oil is one of those.

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