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Does Sleep Minimize The Negative Effects of Aging?

Does Sleep Minimize The Negative Effects of Aging?

The Relationship Between Beauty & Sleep

Remember the times you noticed dark circles under your eyes after pulling off two all-nighters? Or how your face looks puffy and desiccated when you fail to sleep for at least 8 hours? That is because the way you look is both directly and indirectly related to your sleeping patterns.

How it works?

You have to understand that, like every other organism, humans too work with their highest efficiency when they coordinate their routines with the biological clock of nature. For example, we are intrinsically programmed to sleep when it’s dark and wake up when the sun rises. As a result, all our metabolic activities reach sub-optimal levels as night approaches. Similarly, we operate at peak performance rates for the first 4-5 hours after waking up – this dwindles as the day proceeds.

How does beauty come into the picture?

Hormone regulation, enzymatic secretion and energy utilization are ritualized practices that align with bio clocks too. When we choose to violate our natural bio routines by not sleeping on time or sleeping for lesser hours, all these mechanisms are thrown into jeopardy. It is important to note here that the benefit of the smooth functioning of these mechanisms is that our body stays healthy. This is reflected in the shining skin, glowing lustrous hair and other body features considered parameters to measure beauty.

Naturally, when all these functions are disturbed, they cannot produce the desired characteristics of beauty in your body. Beauty is essentially a combination of factors indicative of a healthy body. Sleep by violating your circadian rhythms decreases your overall health quotient. That translated to facial features perceived as bad or undesirable.

Restorative methods

It would help if you placed special emphasis on scheduling high-intensity activities for the beginning of the day when you are operating at the pinnacle of your mental efficiency. Tone down activities as you move further through the day and stop and relax as soon as nightfall approaches. By correcting your biorhythm, you are helping your body transition to a state of sound sleep, and that will have incredible benefits for your beauty.

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Use aromatherapy, meditation, breathing exercises and journal writing to create a mood for relaxation that will eventually lead you to sleep at the right time.

Hydrate your body and avoid all kinds of processed food to prevent toxins from polluting your body. In the absence of inhibitors, it will be easy to fall into your natural sleep cycle and become healthy and beautiful.

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