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Double Facial Cleansing – Why Is It Essential?

Double Facial Cleansing – Why Is It Essential?

Double facial cleansing is a routine that offers several benefits to maintain the balance of the skin of the face. The results of Asian beauty routines are indisputable. Smooth, shiny and soft faces are the product of rigorous and proven methods, among which the double facial cleansing stands out.

Every day there are more followers of this procedure that promises pristine skin. Here we tell you what it is about and why it is recommended.

How to perform double facial cleansing, and what are the benefits?

Tip <span class=has inline color has thb accent color>Double facial cleansing can be done both day and night It is advisable to reserve it for the night routine when using makeup daily and sunscreen<span>

In the first, an oil-based cleanser is used to remove makeup and remains of cosmetics. The reason is that the grease present in sunscreen and various makeup products can dissolve better in an oily formula. The other alternative for this first step can be micellar water, biphasic lotions, cleansing oils, or makeup remover creams.
The second phase seeks to clean deeply, removing dead cells, pollution and dirt with a water-based product. In this case, the alternatives can be gels, exfoliating soaps and cleansing mousses.

Double facial cleansing is an excellent method for any skin type. By treating the different types of impurities separately, the cleansing is much more thorough and a radiant and immaculate complexion is achieved.

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After adopting this technique, the appearance of pimples and blackheads is minimised, and the texture is improved. If it is also combined with gentle massages when applying each product, microcirculation is activated, benefiting the appearance of the face.

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