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Dubai’s Leader Plastic Surgeons

Dubai’s Leader Plastic Surgeons

3 of The Best Plastic Surgeons in Dubai.

Women of various ages are visiting plastic surgeons for a wide range of operations. Some people ask for surgery. However, many people prefer “rejuvenation,” which medical professionals define as “noninvasive procedures. These procedures include Botox or chemical peels, which try to slow rather than correct the effects of ageing.”

Here are three of Dubai’s most famous plastic surgeons. The ones on the top three plastic surgeons can never be underestimated as these experts each have performed over a hundred surgeries. So, without any further ado, let’s check out the very best plastic surgeons Dubai has hidden up its sleeve.

Dr Frank Conroy

The first person on our list and the best plastic surgeon is Dr Frank Conroy. Frank Conroy is currently holding the position of Consultant plastic surgeon at the prestigious American Hospital, Dubai. Dr Conroy specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. Dr Conroy has shown his experience of 20 years and skills in multiple plastic surgeries, from cosmetic facelifts and reconstruction to breast surgery and implants.

Dr Conroy achieved his medical degree in 2000 from the University of Leeds Medical School. After his school days were over, Frank gained an opportunity and started an internship in Midlands Yorkshire Trust and later in a residency in Ireland in 2012 for plastic surgery on facial reconstruction. In 2004, he took LASER research training at Bedford laser unit and added this technique to his expertise in plastic surgery. Since then, Dr Conroy has been travelling the world and taking part in plastic surgery practices learning new techniques by the day.

Dr Matteo Vigo

Dr Matteo Vigo is an expert who specializes mostly in aesthetics and reconstructive surgery and currently holds the position of a medical plastic doctor at Amwaj Polyclinic in Dubai. Dr Vigo peeks his areas of interest at plastic surgery procedures for total breast reconstruction, breast implants, liposuction surgeries, and many more.

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Dr Migo graduated in 2004 from the University of Milan in Italy, and in 2009, he officially qualified as a specialist plastic surgeon. In 2012, he formally began working at ACS in Dubai and currently has over ten years’ worth of expertise in plastic surgery and reconstruction.

Dr Hexor G. Cruz

Last but not least, Dr Hexor G. Cruz comes in the third rank out of Dubai’s top three plastic surgeons. Dr Hexor holds a specialist interest in aesthetic plastic surgery and has over 30 years of expertise in the field. Dr Cruz qualified in the field of medicine from the University of Puerto Rico in 1977. After that, he accomplished his general surgery training from Baylor College of Medicine in the American state of Texas and the city of Houston. He even received guidance from the celebrated cardiovascular surgeon, Dr Michael Debarky. And after taking part in multiple surgery training from the University of California in Los Angeles, he decided to move to Dubai and has been practising in the city for many years.

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