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Everything You Need to Know about Freckles

Everything You Need to Know about Freckles

Freckles Explained.

The small, brown, harmless spots that appear on your skin are called freckles. These spots are very common among children, and as they grow, these spots either disappear or are unnoticeable. But why do some people have freckles and others do not? Read on to find more about freckles.

Factors Causing Freckles

Prolonged exposure to the sun and genetic factor are the main causes of freckles. It develops due to the accumulation of melanin under your skin and may give freckles a red, tan, or brown color. 

Genetic Causes

This is the primary reason why some people develop more freckles than others. The melanin type produced by your body (eumelanin or pheomelanin) determines if your skin is prone to freckles or not. Eumelanin is generally produced by people with darker eyes, hair, and skin, and they are less prone to freckles. But people with red, brown, or blonde hair with light-pigmented eyes and skin are more likely to develop freckles. They produce pheomelanin. 

Exposure to the Sun

To protect your skin from excessive sun damage, your skin cells tend to produce more melanin than usual. This is the reason why too much exposure to the sun leads to freckles, which often disappear in the winter months. Freckles tend to appear darker during the summer season for the very same reason.

Where Do Freckles Develop?

These harmless spots can develop not only on your face but arms, back, chest, and even neck. In simpler words, wherever the skin is exposed to the sun, there is a chance of freckle formation.

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Facts about Freckles

Here are a few exciting freckles facts:

<strong><sup>Freckles can appear on any part of the body and not just on the face<sup><strong>
  • Freckles are harmless and not at all dangerous. But, people who develop freckles have more sensitive skin.
  • Red hair is not always indicative of freckles. Most redheads have lesser melanin if compared to dark-haired people, but at least 20% of redheads do not develop freckles, according to Marieclaire.
  • Even though freckles are genetic, no newborn has freckles. The children develop freckles as they grow.

Prevent Freckles

As you can see, sun exposure is a significant cause of freckles. So if you want to have freckle-free skin, you must protect your skin from the harsh sun. It will give you dual benefits: the existing freckles on your face will become non-existent, and your skin will not develop new freckles. You can follow these tips given below to prevent freckle formation:

  • Wear sunscreen, preferably water-resistant. It should be either SPF 30 or more.
  • When outside, try to reapply your sunscreen regularly as it washes off after every two or three hours.
  • Cover up your arms with long sleeves, and protect your face from the sun by using a hat and sunglasses. This will avoid any direct sun rays.
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