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Five Feminine, Sophisticated & Iconic Lancôme Perfumes

Five Feminine, Sophisticated & Iconic Lancôme Perfumes

Lancôme Perfumes Are More than Just a Scent.

Lancôme perfumes are timeless classics that started in the 1930s. Although classic, they are known for several of their classic fragrances that have transcended time. They have emerged as a secret for women to instantly glamour up. Many eminent personalities and celebrities from around the world love the fragrances from Lancôme. This French brand has decades of expertise and uncompromising excellence in creating the best perfumes for women. Over the years they have come up with several fragrances that have astonished beauty editors around the world. With so many options on their catalog, it becomes difficult to choose the right one that goes with your style and personality. Fear not, in this article, we’ll discuss the five best Lancôme fragrances of all time.

1) La Vie Est Belle

It is one of the best-selling perfumes by Lancôme. On translating it into English, the name of the perfume means “Life is Beautiful”. It has a vibrant floral fragrance with blending notes of praline, pear, and the sharp note of blackcurrant. This sweet and upbeat scent evolves into the heart notes of jasmine, orange bloom, and iris. The perfume has a sugary base note of vanilla that is bolstered by the solid scent of patchouli and Tonka beans. The entire fragrance has a rich warm feeling to it that makes it perfect for winter. It has exceptional longevity on the skin and a strong trail with a pleasant aroma.

2) La Nuit Trésor

It is one of the recent fragrances by the brand and has become one of the top sellers. The fragrance is based on sweet roses and inspired by eternal love. This is a must-try fragrance with many mysterious layers. It opens with the top notes of lychee and raspberry that slowly blends into the intense heart notes of mysterious incense and rose. La Nuit Trésor has an X-factor in the form of notes of orchids from Tahiti. The fragrance dries down to the base notes of patchouli, praline, and papyrus. The entire fragrance has an intense feeling to it that makes it perfect for those romantic evenings with your partner.

3) Poême

This is a strong and bold perfume by Lancôme with floral notes that will uplift your mood and give you a sense of positivity. It was launched in 1995 by none other than perfumer Jacques Cavallier. It is an original perfume that doesn’t follow the usual structure in perfumery of top, middle, and base notes. Instead, notes in Pôeme are composed alternatively to give the impression of an echo. Some significant notes present in it are the Himalayan poppy, desert Datura, plum, narcissus, and various yellow flowers. These alternative notes create a contrast of bitter and sweet scent which is really seductive.

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4) Trésor

Lancôme describes Trésor as an emotional perfume with a touch of elegance, sweetness, and warmth. It has been a big hit since its launch in 1990. It was designed by Sophia Grojsman. It has an amber floral fragrance which is responsible for that warm feeling. Trésor in English translates to “treasure”, which it really is among all the perfume creations. Being one of the top sellers in the world, the perfume has an elegant composition of apricot, heliotrope, orris, rose, iris, and lilac.

5) Hypnôse

Launched in 2005, Hypnôse has a musky and sunny fragrance with gourmand nuances. The beautiful note of the passion-flower creates a passionate and gentle feminine aura. Hypnôse fragrance opens with the scent of passion-flower which blends into the heart notes of gardenia and jasmine finally drying to the base notes of Vetiver and vanilla. The base note of Vetiver along with Jasmine Sambac gives the perfume its signature intensity.

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