Five Tips to Hide Gray Hair

How to Hide Gray Hair?

Gray hair for women is an absolute nightmare. Would you like to make peace with it, or would you instead prefer to hide it with some fantastic remedies? No, dyeing your gray hair is not the only option, you see. There are numerous other unique ways, some home remedies as well, for you to get rid of gray hair. Find your fantastic solution in this piece!

1. Trying out a new hair parting

Do you know that gray hair covering can be made as simple as trying out a very new and different hairstyle? You can try parting your hair differently, which will also give you a fresh look. What you need to do is locate exactly where your gray hair is, and then switch to a different parting!

2. Try some lowlights or highlights

Another fantastic way to hide your gray hair is to cover it up with some amazing colors. This is another option that will give you a fresh look. By adding lowlights or highlights to your hair, those stubborn gray stray hair will be perfectly hidden, and you will not have to give much time to maintenance. Adding a colorful highlight or a sober lowlight will blend your hair amazingly and give you a chic and classy appearance.

3. Applying a black tea pack

Are you someone who does not like artificial dyes? Then why not try the black tea remedy? Black tea is considered to be an amazing natural stain, which will do wonders on your hair. What you need to do is boil the tea and cool it down before you apply the mask. You won’t even have to shampoo your hair! Your hair will get nourishment, and you will see it shine very soon.

4. Apply lemon and coconut oil mask

Do you like oiling your hair? Then this is yet another perfect remedy for you to prevent premature graying of your hair. Unlike other masks, coconut oil and lemon hair mask will not prevent or reverse your hair graying process. But, this mask is an advantage in the sense that it will strongly preserve those important pigment cells that retain the black color in your hair.

5. Treatment of sage leaves with water

Do you know that sage leaves are considered to be one of the most powerful tools of Ayurveda? It is an excellent remedy for your graying hair because it will act to restore the actual color of your hair. When mixed with water and applied to hair, sage leaves will restore your hair’s natural color. This way, it will also prevent further appearances of gray hair on your scalp.

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Julia Laurent

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