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Here Are 3 Reasons to Choose Vegan and Cruelty Free Perfumes

Here Are 3 Reasons to Choose Vegan and Cruelty Free Perfumes

Here Are 3 Reasons to Choose Vegan and Cruelty Free Perfumes

If you are thinking about your surroundings and environment, you might already know the term cruelty free. You may be looking for products that don’t have anything to do with animals. This also includes vegan and cruelty free perfumes, as there are a handful of reasons why you should consider trying new brands that help take care of our planet.

The overall market for vegan and cruelty free beauty products has grown greatly in the past few years. It’s on track to be a global $29 billion per year industry by 2029. Here are 3 big reasons why these perfumes should be on your next buying list:

Reasons to Choose Cruelty Free Perfumes

  1. Cruelty-Free Scents Don’t Harm Animals in the Making

One of the main reasons some people are switching to cruelty free brands of perfumes is that they want to stop funding the trafficking and cruelty of animal. A few of the biggest fragrance brands are using animal ingredients in most or all of their fragrances. Buying from such brands it increases the violence toward the animals.

Many of the most common ingredients in these perfumes, including civet, musk, and castoreum, are harvested from animals. This mostly harms them or even kills them in the process. If you like to pick quality fragrances that don’t rely on animal cruelty, then you should consider cruelty free perfumes thoughtfully. 

  1. Cruelty-Free Products Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Vegan perfumes or cruelty free perfumes help in reducing the carbon footprint that you may have otherwise. Vegan fragrances are not only good for us but also better for our four-legged friends. They are even better for our planet. Nowadays, more consumers are being more conscious about their carbon footprint and environmental impact than ever before. And this is why the beauty industry is cautious too, now. 

The vegan perfumes brands don’t engage in the harmful animal agriculture processes which are causing significant damage to the planet. By picking vegan options of fragrances, you can put your small part in reducing carbon emissions and also help transition to a cleaner, sustainable and greener environment. 

  1. Support Ethically Minded Businesses

Finally, if you want to stop supporting giant beauty brands that aren’t thoughtful towards our environment, then now is probably the time to switch. This is one of the top reasons to choose cruelty free perfumes, as once you move towards new and ethically minded brands that are thoughtful to their planet, you support their motives too.  

Ethically minded and responsible brands are more eager to help reduce animal cruelty and bring products that don’t harm the environment. Hence you can find the best beauty products available at new or smaller businesses, and not be a part of the animal-harming community. These are some of the reasons why cruelty free products are probably the best ones to buy in these times.

Ingredients to Avoid When Buying Fragrances

If you are looking out for vegan options in perfumes, then these are some of the ingredients used in perfumery:

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  • Beeswax

This is an animal-based ingredient often found in a fragrance compound. Beeswax gives a sweet round and honeyed note. Its smell varies in strength based on the age of the wax rays of the beehive from which its obtained. 

  • Civet

Natural civet is a raw material of animal origin that is loved by perfumers. It is made using raw civet, a secretion of the anal gland of the cat civet. The glands are emptied usually once a week. Then this secretion is purified by solvent extraction or an infusion which is to be used in perfume. 

  • Castoreum

Castoreum is a fragrant and oily secretion produced by the beaver’s anal and perineal glands. This is a collection of the secretions which imply the death of animals. Castoreum is used in perfumery to boost the sensual sides of oriental or chypre perfumes due to the leather facet and the animal and warm note. 

These are only a few of the ingredients used in most of perfumes. You can always contribute to reducing carbon impact by buying from premium, sustainable brands that take well care of their surroundings and help them grow. 

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