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Here is All You Need to Know about Woody Fragrance Family

Here is All You Need to Know about Woody Fragrance Family

Here is All You Need to Know about Woody Fragrance Family

When it comes to rich and luxurious fragrances, the woody fragrance family is often popular. They carry a deep, rich scent to them that can be sensual as well as intoxicating. Like the name suggests, woody fragrances are made of opulent woody scents from materials related to wood. These materials can include everything from trees themselves to tree barks, tree resin, moss, and even roots.

Any part of a tree from which a scent can be extracted, can be used to make notes for a woody scent. Even grasses and weed, such as patchouli, can be used to get rich, earthy notes. Woody fragrances often have citrusy or even aromatic top notes, that support the fragrance to give a richer, more enticing scent.

What is Woody Fragrance Family?

Any fragrance that has dominant woody notes, is a woody fragrance. The wooden materials that go into making woody scents, are often dry and. Resin and wood are common base notes you can find in woody fragrances, due to their deep and rich aroma.

The use of wooden ingredients are popular, given that woody fragrances can contribute towards memorable fragrances that are long lasting as well. Wooden ingredients are known for adding a touch of warmth to fragrances, and are found in various kinds of fragrances, woody or not. Woody notes are added to all kinds of fragrances, usually as base notes. Notes such as sandalwood, pine, cedarwood, and patchouli, are found in various kinds of fragrances, not just woody fragrances. But when used in a woody fragrance, it’s these wooden notes that smell stronger.

Different Kinds of Woody Fragrances

A woody fragrance needs to have dominant wooden notes, but aside from this, other notes are used to complement the woody notes. If you consider the woody notes to be the dominant family of notes, then subfamilies come together to create different kinds of woody fragrances.

Woody floral fragrances, for one, make use of floral notes alongside woody ones. Here, the top notes are more likely to be the milder floral notes, while the base notes are the hardier woody notes. Together, they create a luxurious fragrance, sensual and often long lasting. Depending on the kind of notes used alongside the woody notes, there can be different types of woody fragrances. They include:

1. Oriental Notes

There are oriental woody notes, such as sandalwood, that are popularly used to create oriental woody fragrances. Such fragrances can also make use of top and middle notes, which are oriental as well. Spices can also be added to create a scent that’s alluring, and captivating as well.

Oriental woody fragrances can help you to make an impression, and these scents are often bold as well.

2. Floral Notes

Popularly used alongside woody notes are floral notes, as these perfectly complement each other. You can find floral woody fragrances that contain milder, or richer floral scents, blended together with rich woody scents. These can be evocative of the spring or the summer season, and can be a great addition to your perfume collection.

3. Fruity Notes

Another sub-family of scents that woody fragrances go well with, is fruity scents. And why not, since fruits grow on trees after all. There is a wide variety of fruity notes you can find in woody fragrances, from milder notes, to rich vibrant ones. Depending on the kind of fragrance you like, you can find fruity woody scents that are milder, or stronger. Create a lasting impression with a fruity woody fragrance.

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4. Spicy Notes

Spicy notes also go great with wooden notes, blending together to create unique, special fragrances.


Woody fragrances are earthy, often strong middle and base notes, that complement a usually milder set of top notes. But some fragrances also use woody notes as top notes as well. Here is everything you should know about what a woody fragrance smells like.

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