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Here is the Correct Order to Apply Makeup Products

Here is the Correct Order to Apply Makeup Products

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All makeup geeks already know that you can get the best results if makeup products are applied in true order. You must follow a makeup order that includes all the products lined up to give you the desired look. 

So How Do You Apply Makeup in Order?

1. Primer:

The very first thing after you have made your skincare products application is you have to apply your favorite primer. It is important to start things off with a smooth base, and hence a primer will help build up your makeup products in a perfect way. 

When it is the case of a makeup order, you must start with the right spot. This means you have to set the stage for your facial makeup using a primer. You can apply a thin, smooth layer of your favorite primer that once dries off, and you can move to the next step. 

2. Colour Corrector:

If you want to hide all uneven skin tones, discolorations, and blemishes of your skin, then color correction is essential. A color-correcting concealer has colors that cancel out the remaining discoloration out. You wish to use a shade that neutralizes any hue you want to hide. 

You can keep this little check-in in mind that yellow hides purple or blue discolorations while green hides the appearance of all red blemishes. Whereas yellow hides purple or blue areas. This will help you in covering any dark spots on your skin. 

3. Foundation:

Now you are going to give your face even colors. You can perfect your complexion using a suitable foundation. Go for a medium, lightweight coverage which will leave your skin glowing after all the preps you have done in earlier steps. Apply foundation in a dabbing motion to get an even application. 

4. Concealer:

Now look at your face and find spaces where imperfections are still peaking out. You can apply a concealer that will give your eyes a perfectly rested look, and then apply concealer in upside down motion under each eye n a triangle shape. 

5. Blush, Highlighter, Bronzer:

Once you have your even skin tone, now is the turn to start defining your features. You can apply bronzer on the hollow parts of your cheeks, temples, and jawline to accentuate your features and don’t get a flat look. Then use a neutral blush on your cheekbones and apply some highlighter to get a glow finish. 

6. Eyebrows:

It would be best to fix your eyebrows, and you can pick to have thicker or thinner brows. Fill in your brows based on your remaining facial features and get a completed look. Don’t go for a black shade; instead, opt for a brown shade that brings out your brows. 

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7. Eyeshadow:

Then comes your eyeshadows that will sparkle up the dull eyes. Apply eye shadows that complement your outfits and your whole makeup look. You can apply these makeup products using an angled brush and ensure you don’t miss out on the lower lash line. 

8. Eyeliner and Mascara:

You can change the shape of your eyes by rightfully applying these two products. Eyeliner can help you shape your eyes in any way you like. Eyeliner will rise on occasion, and mascara will bring your lashes to a beautiful length. Applying liner first and then going for mascara is the right way. This is the right order to apply makeup. 

9. Lips:

And then comes the main point of your entire makeup application order, which is the lips. Your lips can complete your look, making you look whole a lot better. You can keep applying your lip makeup at any time of the day and can reapply it too. It would be best to start by outlining the lips and then filling in the rest of the space. 

This is how you apply makeup to get a complete look. These makeup products are made to give you a perfect finish and get you ready for the day’s rest. 

The Right Order to Apply Makeup, Step-by-Step Guide from a Makeup Artist!

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